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5:13pm, 09 Mar 2018
Do Jews and Christians believe Muhammed was a prophet, like how Muslims do about Moses and Jesus?
Michael Moore studied at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Christians DO NOT believe Mohammed was a prophet at all.  As a matter of f
4:40pm, 09 Mar 2018
The footprint of Neil Armstrong on the Moon is still intact. Do you know why?
Wrote several articles about space to local magazines There were thousands of Armstrong’s footprints on the moon and just as many footprints
11:54pm, 08 Mar 2018
What sin will make a Christian go to hell Fire?
Shri Vallabha former Director at Universal Sprituality for World Peace The following: There are six vices, which are 1) illegal sex (kama
11:51pm, 08 Mar 2018
11:46pm, 08 Mar 2018
11:38pm, 08 Mar 2018
11:34pm, 08 Mar 2018
11:29pm, 08 Mar 2018
11:25pm, 08 Mar 2018
Schwarzenegger Calls Out Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari Following His Controversial Speech
President Muhammadu Buhari continues to be criticized following his speech during Ghana’s 61st Independence celebrations in which he disclos
11:13pm, 08 Mar 2018
Does the Bible say anything about getting out of Hell?
I've read the Bible and about the Bible. Here’s an explanation from Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus. It should explain it. Lu
11:07pm, 08 Mar 2018
Where does the soul resides in our body?
studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Omshanti ! This one is a must read. It won’t be those lengthy boring paragraphs
11:01pm, 08 Mar 2018
According to Islam, who is the father of Jesus Christ? Does the Quran explicitly mention this?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Islamic Scholar, Peace Activist and Padma Bhushan Awardee As per Islamic belief Jesus was born without a father, a
10:57pm, 08 Mar 2018
Where can one go to read the chapters removed from the Christian Bible, e.g. Mary Magdalene, Book of Judas, some books in the early Bible talking about angels that were banished from Heaven?
Tormod Ropeid former Retired.teacher, Publisher Edited next day: what I wrote yesterday is correct and I stand by it. But this morning I s
10:56pm, 08 Mar 2018
What Books were removed from the Bible and in what order would they be if they had been included?
Once the canon was established, there haven't been any books “removed.” There are, however, ancient writings that are hyped up by some peop
10:48pm, 08 Mar 2018
What happens if a human man, for example, mated with a female mammal? Would it be pregnant?
All living things on the planet are related to each other. Hello, sibling. Depends. If the mammal in question is a human, she (not “it”) mi
6:43pm, 07 Mar 2018
If it was God the Son who died on the cross did He not exist for three days?
Masters of Divinity, former private school Bible/Greek teacher No, because at physical death, we do not cease to exist. Someone can argue that
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