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7:42pm, 21 Jan 2018
Why do the rich Muslim countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates refuse to take in any refugees?
Saleh Al Marei I'm a Muslim, Saudi, open-minded, 15 year old, male. This question, has been answered, many, many, many times. Here's my pr
7:34pm, 21 Jan 2018
Download Mp3: A-Reece ft. 1000 Degreez – A Real Nigga Tale
A-Reece ft. 1000 Degreez – A Real Nigga Tale Mp3 Download Audio Music Lyrics A-Reece come through with a new single titled “A Real
7:30pm, 21 Jan 2018
What would happen if every person in the world jumped at the same time?
Short answer: Not much. Our collective mass compared to the mass of the entire earth is like nothing. Long answer: Suppose everyone in the
6:03pm, 21 Jan 2018
Who is the greatest scientist of the world?
Manish Bhatia B.Tech (IT & MI) from Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi (2021) MY INSPIRATION. Stephen William Hawking, CH, 
5:41pm, 21 Jan 2018
What happens when a Nigerian soldier dies at war?
Although soldiers go to war knowing they may never return, nobody ever prepares for what happens when a Nigerian soldier dies at war. Most especially
5:07pm, 21 Jan 2018
Can Nigeria and Ethiopia defeat Egypt?
Studied International General Certificate of Secondary Education at British Ramses School No they can’t Egypt is ranked 10th in the world
4:13am, 21 Jan 2018
Who is Bruce Wayne?
Even if you’re not a huge fan of cars, chances are you’ve come across a concept car or two online that has really caught your eye. If you ar
4:06am, 21 Jan 2018
How does Mark Zuckerberg make his wealth from Facebook?
Keshav Infotech, Web Development and Mobile App Development Company Zuckerberg made a salary of $483,333 in 2011, in addition to a $220,500 bon
4:02am, 21 Jan 2018
How to flash Android phone without computer
Have you ever wanted to install a custom ROM on your Android phone, but never knew where to start or how to do it properly? With our guide, you will
3:56am, 21 Jan 2018
Is it true that it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter? If so how?
Yes it is true and it sounds like wacky fantasy. Diamonds are made from highly compressed and heated carbon. Theoretically, if you took a charcoal
3:44am, 21 Jan 2018
If Russia is not as rich as the USA, why is Russia so powerful with more technology than the USA?
Russia isn’t even close to being more powerful then the U.S. The U.S. has the most advanced technology on Earth. Most of Russia’s tech is
3:18am, 21 Jan 2018
The coolest and craziest concept cars revealed so far this year
Lexus, Toyota, and Nissan have revealed some of the best concept cars we've seen this year. The Lexus LF-1 Limitless was designed to look like a Ja
3:09am, 21 Jan 2018
Researchers reconstruct face of 9,000-yr-old teenager
A group of researchers including an endocrinologist, orthopedist, neurologist, pathologist, and radiologist have done the unthinkable by reco
2:59am, 21 Jan 2018
21-Year-Old Russian Genius Claims He’s From Mars And Was Sent To Earth To Save Humanity
You never know what someone is going to say when you ask them if they believe there’s life on other planets. On one hand, it could be n
2:40am, 21 Jan 2018
Download Mp3: Rita Ora – Proud
Rita Ora – Proud Mp3 Download Audio Music Lyrics Brand new one from Rita Ora , this one’s titled “Proud “. Rita Sahatçiu Ora is
2:30am, 21 Jan 2018
Former US Navy Pilot who witnessed UFO issues strong warning to humanity
It was in November 2004 that the world witnessed one of the most authentic UFO sightings where US Navy pilots tracked mysterious flying obje
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