Big Sean – Bounce Back

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 9:40am, 13th Dec 2016. | Views: 394 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
9:40am, 13th Dec 2016.

Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” has already made a
dent on the Hot 100, and now that the vibrant
video has been released it should continue its
ascent up the charts. The stylish video features
Sean rapping with a desert sunset behind him,
as well as atop a cliff. Meanwhile some colorful
imagery comes interspersed among the shots
of Sean.

On top of his impending new solo album, Sean
has announced that a new project with his
rumored girlfriend Jhene Aiko is also on the
way. The two perform under the TWENTY88
moniker and released an EP earlier this year.


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