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Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 10:52pm, 30th Sep 2016. | Views: 283 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
10:52pm, 30th Sep 2016.

A day after seeing a world premiere on Beats 1
radio, Juicy J has shared the video to his new
Kanye West-featuring single, “Ballin.”
contributions to the song — limited to three
words on the hook — were initially
underwhelming, though he shows up in much
of the new video, donning new Yeezy apparel.

The video was premiered at a TIDAL-hosted
event on Monday (Sept. 26), and it’s now
available to watch exclusively through the
streaming service. Non-TIDAL members can
watch a 30 second clip of the “Ballin” video
here. Head to the TIDAL site to sign up and
watch the full video.

The video is situated in a large warehouse, and
there are plenty of instances of “ballin,” both
on the part of Juice and Ye and also from an
array of top-notch streetballers. The new song
is the second single off Juice’s upcoming
album — presumed to be titled Rubba Band
Business: The Album, following the Travis
Scott-featuring “No English.” “Ballin” is
produced by TM88, Crazy Mike, and Juicy J

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