Download Video: Ecco – TMOMM ft. Flame

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 6:34pm, 13th Sep 2017. | Views: 115 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
6:34pm, 13th Sep 2017.
Ecco – TMOMM ft. Flame Mp4 Mp3 Download Music Video

The Wrecking Crew presents the music video for Ecco’s single Too Much On My Mind (TMOMM), released in July featuring Flame.

The duo vibe about how a woman of interest is apparently buzzing them at a time that is deemed “Too Late” as they have moved on.

Watch the video below with cameo appearance from A-Reece and the rest of the crew. Catch up with audio here

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