HOW SAEON MORUDA TAKES U.K. Full Details And How To Get BoyChick Contact

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 12:36pm, 28th Feb 2017. | Views: 317 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
12:36pm, 28th Feb 2017.

The #BoyChick SAEON MORUDA with
the #87Swags will be in the U.K. all
through March to promote her music
starting with a Remix of her hit single
#Aii which should be out by the top of
the month, and following up with a
soft release of her first ever body of
work as a Femcee and Singer titled
“Birth of the #BoyChick – The Mixtape
Album”. Safe to say we can start
hashtagging away with #SAEONBBC.

If you happen to be a Photographer,
Clothes Stylist, Natural Hair Stylist and
Make Up Artist in the U.K. with an
artistic mind, SAEON MORUDA is
looking to work with you. Link up
#BoyChick via social media

Other activities including a meet &
greet, club tour and gigs will be
announced via her social media so hit
that follow button to stay updated.

Download #Aii
[iTunes] ( https://itun.es/ng/wg7zfb )
[Soundcloud] (http://soundcloud.com/
saeonmoruda/aii )
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