What makes a girl's buttocks thicker?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:32pm, 13th Feb 2018.


The male & female bodies store fats in different places. Male bodies store it around their stomachs & female bodies around their hips & thighs. Also, female bodies produce very little testosterone, the hormone required to build muscle mass. Therefore they aren’t as bulky as males, usually. There are exceptions though. So it is mostly the storage of fats in those areas that makes the women’s buttocks thicker.

Thanks for the A2A Pragyandeep Mohanty.

Chris Ordinola

College student in TN

The D or going to the gym and doing tons of squats oh and nutella and cornbread

Muhammad Usman

Exercises that involve the use of the buttocks muscles and a healthy diet to maintain enough fat around for a good visual effects

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