What part of the female or ladies body do boys enjoy looking at?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:33am, 13th Jan 2018.

I am attractive simply do to my ability to find attractiveness in you.

107w ago

This is an interesting question. A very old rule has been said that if a child is breast fed, then the subconscious visual stimulus would be the rear end. If the child is brought up on similac, the breast would be viewed upon in later years and admired. 

It has also been said that subconsciously, the male is attracted to the areas of a woman that would suggest the greatest probable child birth. Large breast may influence the desire for natural nurishment one wishes for a child. A large rear end is a favorable attribute for the birthing process. 

With all of the sexualy charged media involved in today's television, radio and internet, the subconscious thought is easy challenged by what is currently trending. 

In the end, it will always be a question of the eyes of the beholder.

Vignesh Sb

works at Students

106w ago

We can take this question to a whole new dimension without involving any kind of lust.... i think the following events which i describe, will be more enjoyable when you imagine my sentences while reading them.... The eyes of the girl will be enjoyable when you watch it scan the pages left to right while reading a novel...  Her fingers holding a pen would be more enjoyable as she tries to fill up some "form" and when her hands pause somewhere, then it means that she is thinking...lol.... The feet of a girl will look more beautiful when she tries to walk carefully in a puddle of water caused due to rain, taking effort not to wet her feet... Her hair would be more beautiful, as the front hairs would always like to fall in front of her face to touch it and she would try to push that hair back behind her ears... but still that hair would be determined to fall in front after some time... lol... I think even these are something that would be enjoyable to look at too....

Jacob Doucet

109w ago

I'm quite certain that this depends on what female body they are looking at. If a woman is morbidly obese, a boy might just marvel at her abdominal folds or fleshy face instead of eye-fondling her legs or buttocks. If her hair is unique and colourful, he may find himself merely staring at her shimmering locks. This also depends on the male in question as well; a male who finds feet titillating might stare at the feet before anything else is examined.  

Kalob McConnell

Student, Writer, Fitness Wannabe, Future Business Leader

110w ago

I love eyes, they are incredible. When you look into a girls eyes there is so much more connection than just staring at everything else on her. But that is just me, and I'm not the stereotypical male who doesn't care what the girls he is ogling think.

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