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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
4:22pm, 18th Mar 2016.
Men all have different tastes when it comes to
what makes them fall in love with you. But here
are the top things that seem to do the trick!
Men are simple people. While they hardly ever
divulge their feelings or give you any insight to
what they’re thinking, they actually are very
simple and don’t need or want too much from
anyone. It can be really hard to tell what will
make a man fall in love with you.
When it comes to love, however, men are fairly
similar. The key? Subtlety. You may make
grand gestures to your man and expect that
he’ll fall in love with you for those reasons, but
those may actually not be the reasons at all.
I decided to ask a few of my close guy friends
and even a couple of ex-boyfriends what made
them fall in love with a woman and was
honestly surprised with their answers myself
because they weren’t what I was expecting at
So no, it’s not because of your impressive
boobs, or the way you drop lots of money on
buying his favorite video game the day it comes
out. In fact, it isn’t even related to anything
like that at all.
The secret reasons men fall in love
I say secret not because they’re keeping them
a secret or because only a select few women
know just how to make a man fall for them. I
say the reasons are secret because they’re just
so unexpected. According to my many guy
friends and an ex-boyfriend or two, these are
the little things that make a man fall in love
with you.
T ips and what makes guys fall in love easily
with girls!
#1 Your attitude—or lack thereof. When a girl is
attitude-free most of the time and just goes
with the flow, a man will fall in love with her
very easily. It puts him at ease when he
doesn’t have to worry about getting attitude
from you about something trivial.
#2 Your kindness. A woman who can put
others before herself is a huge turn on for a
man. He realizes that she can care for not only
herself, but him and anyone else that comes
into their lives.
#3 How open you are. Open to trying new
things and just open-minded in general. Men
can fall in love with any woman who allows
them to be themselves without judging and just
being open to the ideas they formulate— no
matter how silly they are.
#4 The way you smell. No. Not how you smell
after dousing yourself in “old lady” perfume. He
falls in love with the way you smell in the
morning or freshly out of the shower. The real
#5 How well you get along with his family.
And by family, I mean mother. If you can get
along with a man’s mother, that is just another
reason he’s going to fall in love with you.
#6 The way you treat his friends. It’s true that
you should treat your man’s friends like you
treat him—minus the s*x stuff, of course. If you
treat his friends like you care about them, it will
only make him fall in love with you more.
#7 How you always want to know how his day
was. He might roll his eyes and pretend like
he’s annoyed with you always asking about his
day but, truth be told, he loves it and it will
make him fall in love with you.
#8 If you “get him.” If he’s having a bad day
and doesn’t even have to tell you that he’s
crabby or upset but you understand anyways
and give him his space, it’ll contribute to him
falling in love with you. If you just get the way
he is and he doesn’t have to talk too much
about it, he’s going to fall a little bit more
every day.
#9 The way you always want to look cute for
him. It’s not the fact that you DO look good
that makes a man fall in love with you. It’s the
way that you always want to look good for
him. He appreciates the way you want to look
good just to make him happy.
#10 Your adorable attempts at cheering him
Even though he might shoo you away when
he’s in a grumpy mood, your cute little goofy
faces and attempts at cheering him up really do
wonders when it comes to making him fall in
love with you.
#11 How you always steal his clothes. Again,
he might pretend he’s frustrated that you
always snag his favorite hoodie, but he loves
the way it looks on you and that you want to
be surrounded by him all the time.
#12 The way you laugh at his jokes even if
they’re not funny. And he knows they’re not
funny but he just wants to see you laugh.
Knowing you will laugh no matter what is a
definite reason why he falls in love with you.
#13 How you look in the morning. He couldn’t
care less about you getting all dolled up on the
weekends. What really makes a man fall in love
with you is the sleepy way you roll over and
groan in the morning and how your hair is
messed up and you’re fresh faced.
#14 The amount of emojis you use to express
one emotion. Your man might not be about
using emojis himself, but he sure loves that you
have to send him eight emojis just to say good
morning. It’s such a little thing, but it makes
him fall even harder for you.
#15 How you snuggle up on him in the
morning. When you’re just waking up but not
ready to commit to the daytime quite yet and
you drape yourself over him and snuggle into
his side, it makes him fall in love with you.
#16 How NOT judgmental you are. A woman
who thinks of everyone as equal and doesn’t
judge people will always make a guy fall harder
for her. He likes to know you won’t judge him
for the little things he does and that you keep
an open mind about everything.
#17 The way you try to cook for him—even if
it’s an epic fail. Or when you try to do cute DIY
stuff for him. Even if you fail and end up making
a burnt casserole, he loves that you wanted to
make something special for him.
#18 How you tie your hair up in a floppy bun on
top of your head and think you look homeless.
For some reason, he loves it and thinks it’s
adorable. Seeing you so relaxed and
comfortable with who you are and throwing
your hair up and watching it flop all over only
adds to his feelings for you.
#19 How you twirl around when you think he
isn’t watching. When you dance around the
kitchen, shake your booty in the mirror, or just
twirl around the house when you think he’s not
watching—but he really is—makes him fall in
love with you.
Men are all about the simple things in life. The
little things you do every day that you don’t
think will make a difference really are what
make him fall for you.
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