Christian Vs Muslim Converts - Why We Preach The Gospel

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
8:57pm, 6th May 2017.

The concept of Islamic conversion & Why
Christians preach
the gospel
You may want to read this first: Is Jesus The
Son Of God? The Truth 1.8 Billion Muslims
Aren't Taught In Mosques
Hello friends, I want us to have a look at
something here from an unbiased

Yes, we know that Muslims convert to
Christianity & Christians convert to Islam for
different reasons but what we don't know
is the reason & that's what I wish to share
with us on this page today. And like I said,
it's from an unbiased angle.

Over time, I have seen testimonies of
Christian & Muslim converts and they are just
repeating the same thing over and over

Let's take note of Some Things
Who are Christian converts? :

They are simply
people that convert to Christianity
Who are Muslim Converts? They are simply
people that convert to Islamic Religion.

Note: in this thread, we are focusing on the
conversion between both faiths and not
anyone else.

Christian Converts
These people who convert to Christianity
from Islam, their story is one that's
different from the Muslim converts.

Check out this video of a Muslim who was
sent into the American society to perform
what they call cultural Jihad which simply
means converting people to Muslim without
actual violence as the jihad requires in
most times (I suppose).

He was trained to fight and all of that but
one day, in America, his life Changed.

Here's the video:

and Ahmed Deedat ( IPIC ) ashamed
Fast-forward, he wanted to kill for Allah
but when God revealed himself unto him,

Do not kill for me because I have given
my life for your sake

God told him
he has a message to Muslims.

Talk to God.

Tell him you wanna hear his voice and he
will reveal himself to you.

Let's look at a Muslim Convert then.

Muslim Convert
This young lady seems to be dumb. I have
no way of knowing that but she never
spoke but wrote And shared on the screen
of her Camera.

Here's her video:

According to her, she was bullied and
abused and unloved as a person while she

She didn't mention much about her
Christian life which is the normal thing with
Muslim concerts as they don't really know God
in terms of personal encounter.

Along then line, she was attacked by
Muslims and then she decided to learn
about them.

When she did, she started reading the
Quran and going to mosques.

Before long, she's a Muslim.

And what's her message to Christians?

She has none, she was never really a Christian
but if am wrong, please see the video and let
me know!

This is common with Muslim concerts.
They do not have that relationship with

They answer Christians because they
are born in Christianity and baptized as
Christians but they do not have that
personal relationship with their own personal
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. So, they find it
very easy to convert to Muslim because they
never really had anything in Christianity.

Let's proceed.
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