What Is Lesbianism?, Act, Disadvantages And All To know

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:17pm, 15th Feb 2017.


This is another dangerous Beast that destroys the best.
Lesbianism refers to a romantic relationship that exists among females. A lesbian is a female homosexual: a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction to other females .

A story was told about two students of one of the state Universities in Nigeria, who were in lesbianism. (Note: lesbianism is practiced in other universities). The video of the two girls went viral on the social media. One of the students regretted her involvement as she couldn't face the shame and stigmatization. She indicated her plans to abandon her education.

According to the report, lesbianism has become a common issue in the school as undergraduate are lured (trapped) into this ungodly act. They usually shower their targets (new undergraduates) with gifts in the name of love. From there, they trap the act. However, if such comes to Jesus Christ in repentance, forgiveness and freedom are obtained.

Lesbianism just like gay also exists in secondary schools especially among those living in some boarding schools, in Unity schools, Federal Government colleges, Mission schools, public as well as private institutions.

One lady Carol narrated how she was trapped into lesbianism when she was still in one of the Federal Government Girls College. Her mother in the school (senior student) one day pretended to be sick. As soon as Carol visited her corner in the boarding house, she (senior student) asked her to massage her body with an ointment. From there one thing led to another until she was hooked and initiated into lesbianism. [/bq]

Just like homosexuality, lesbianism is a strange spirit of the last days. It is one of the [b]Beast
that destroy the best in the lives of our youths, especially females. Suffice it to say that it is not only among young people that lesbianism exists. Even married women with children are also involved in this ungodly act.

These are the beast that destroys the best!
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