What To Know About The Beast That Destroys The Best On Reuben's Act

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:06pm, 15th Feb 2017.

The beast that destroy

A case Study

when ever the first child is born to every family, the news brings jubilation to all and sundry, especially, when the child is a male .
To Jacob and Leah, it was not different. Reuben was their first child and a male for that matter. He grew to be the rightful person to be accorded the respect and the privileges as the first son.
By birth, Reuben was the fortunate, but sees of lust truncated God's divine purpose for his life and destiny.
The beast called lust; an evil seed destroyed and deprived him of this great privilege, benefit and honour. Please read how it started.

"And it happened, when Isreal dwelt in that land, that Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father's concubine; and Isreal heard about it.
Now the sons of Jacob were twelve". - (Gen 35:22NKJV).

The Bible passage above reveals the sin of adultery, which Reuben committed secretly with Bilhah, his father's wife. The second of lust leads to secret sins. These are all the sins that people commit privately without the knowledge of others. Those that commit secret sins normally know about it, and God do, sometimes the devil equally knows about it. You can hide a sin from your parents, siblings, friends and neighbors, but you cannot hide it from your conscience and from God. What you call secret sin today may be hidden from people, but is an open scandal before God.

Always remember that God takes accurate records of all you do here on earth. More so, Satan takes advantage of every sin you hide and he uses it to accuse you before God. Therefore, do not indulge in secret sins because you cannot hide anything before God or even from the devil.

Furthermore, it will interest you also to know that Satan is not omniscient. Only God, the Almighty possesses such attribute. However, Satan may know little or nothing about the purpose of God go your life; but knows much about your past.

Therefore, when you his any sin, it becomes a weapon in the hands of Satan to accuse you before God. As stated earlier in this chapter, living in or with secret sins is giving Satan undue advantage over your life. Actually, there is nothing that is really hidden under the Sun; it is only a matter of time, and it will be revealed. But always remember that the eye of the Lord is going to and fro through all the earth and JESUS IS THE LIGHT of the world. Beware!
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