12 Reasons Why You Need To Give Your Life To Christ Today!

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 5:15pm, 25th Dec 2016. | Views: 250 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:15pm, 25th Dec 2016.
Please all written is an assurance if you will keep the rules,

Here are the 12 Reasons

1) You can die any moment! No one knows
his turn.

2) Your life is short here compare to
eternity (everlasting life).
100,000,000,000yrs over there, you've not

3) Christ paid the supreme sacrifice over
your life. Suffered, died & resurrect for all

4) Christ has the power to save you from
hell. "O ru igi oyin(you are done for)" if you
go to hell!

5) You must be born the second time to
escape the second death. Certain!

6) God's judgement is indescribably
terrible on sinners. He is angry with sinners

7) You will regret if you die without Christ!
Escape rout is Christ!

8) The cleansing blood is still available.

9) The devil is deceiving and recruiting
many for hell.

10) You came naked, you shall go back

11) Many people you know are in hell
praying for you not to come there because
The suffering of hell is everlasting.

12) Christ has gone to prepare a place for
his followers in heaven.
Will you be there? His mercy is still
available today...

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