Were the Hebrews of the Bible related to black people?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
6:19pm, 9th Mar 2018.

Walter Smyth

The majority of the events in the Bible HAPPENED IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Ancient Hebrews, Israelites and Jews were INDIGENOUS CAUCASIANS of the MIDDLE EAST.

DNA shows that Sephardi, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi are the sons of the ancient Israelites through Y-DNA

Ancient Hebrews, Israelites and Jews looked just like Mizrahi Jews:

Menique Aviles

black since birth

The Bible claims they are.

Personally, I’m always pretty surprised when I hear about black people in the Bible. Ever heard the old latin song “Nigra Sum”? So beautiful, it’s from a bible verse in “Song of Solomon/Song of Songs” 1:5 - and it says:

“I am dark, but lovely - o ye daughters of Jerusalem” - “Nigra sum sed formosa filiae Hierusalem…”

Hell yeah, some king (Solomon?) married a black girl - but she’s proud of her heritage and her love. And racists are hating on her even back then… lol.

But I’m cheering her on all the way. That and it really is a beautiful song. I got to sing it with a girls choir once.

My surprise and pleasure in this is not because I thought everyone else was white - but because I usually think Hebrew/Middle-Eastern = mostly brownish people, not often as dark as me.

But yeah - if we’re going to assume that there was a flood that killed everybody except one family, somebody in that family settled somewhere in Africa. So black people = distantly related to Hebrew people. If we’re going to believe the biblical account, every race is related to every race back at the start of things. Simplistic but functional.

The whole “mitochondrial eve” idea apparently supports that biblical assertion, but I really would like to learn more about both the science and the religion. I’ll have to put it on my list of things to question intensively. The list is pretty long already lol.

Sam Watson

I know about the People part . . .

Yes they were! Each and every one of us is at least a cousin now and throughout the history of humankind! Our most recent common male ancestor is likely to have been within the last 100,000 years. If you don’t like science and prefer the Christian bible, then we are cousined through Adam and Eve our common ancestors, so either way, we are all cousins at least.

S. Patrick Maiorca

I an an Orthodox Christian

The Hebrews in the Bible where Semites originally from what is now Iraq. The Bible associates them as coming from Shem while black nations were associated with Cush. So according to their own writtings they are related in the sense everyone’s related.

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