Where does the soul resides in our body?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:07pm, 8th Mar 2018.

studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Omshanti !

This one is a must read. It won’t be those lengthy boring paragraphs but a fun activity. Step by step we’ll reach to the conclusion that this question demands. Read on :)

For knowing where does the soul resides in the body, first you must answer this simple question. WHO AM I?
Take a minute and ask yourself your introduction or write on an piece of paper if you want.

I suppose your answer to the above question will include following heads:
1. Your Name (as given by your parents or family or friends i.e name of your body)
 2. your qualification (that off course you acquired over a period of time e.g. I’m a Doctor, I’m an engineer, I’m a housewife )
 3. or any other additional things you posses or have acquired during your lifetime.

Now take a moment of silence and introspect (examine your thoughts and feelings). Do you really feel your introduction is Mr./Ms./Mrs._____ (name), or ____(qualification).?? Are you sure you’re nothing more than these outlines? What’s gonna happen once you die? You’ll carry the same introduction with you? Or even your identity will extinguish once you depart from your current life/role?

Explanation: I’m sure you must be watching Movies/Dramas/T.V. shows. So what do you think about the actors? Do they live with the same name/identity for their lifetime that they’ve taken in a particular movie? 
I’m sure you’re wise enough to say NO THEY DON’T. Ever wondered why? It’s because they’ve not attached themselves to an acquired image of self, which they know would end once the shoot completes.

So my friend, after solving the above equation we (i.e you) hereby derive the answer of our first question “Who AM I?”

As of now, you must’ve had an idea that you’re not what you described yourself above. C’mon you’re literally something more than that. You’re a “being”. A being that never extinguishes. A being that is immortal. A being that is Eternal. And in simple terms that being is called as SOUL . Yes my friend you’re not this body and definitely not the acquired identities of your body (e.g. name, qualification etc) but you are a soul. This body is merely your costume. Just as you change the dress of your body daily according to event, you (soul) changes its costume (body) after a certain period of time. We say Human-Being. The real meaning of this word is human- humus i.e matter, the physical, insentient body whereas being- soul, sentient, metaphysical energy who is the master of the body.

What is a soul? How does it looks like? 
-A soul is a point of light. It is an energy. It has three faculties - MIND, INTELLECT, IMPRESSIONS (sanskars). Here goes the diagram:

Soul has 7 virtues: knowledge, purity, love, peace, happiness, bliss and power.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that impurity, hatred, peacelessness, sorrow, depression. And all the negative thing that exists nowadays have nothing to do with your real self. You are peace, You are pure.

When you experience yourself as a soul you can connect to your eternal parent whom we refer to as God.

Wanna know more about your real self? Click on the links below:

1.Link to BrahmaKumaris website: Brahma Kumaris - Soul

2. Link to Youtube videos:

BK Shivani (Media person) [Hindi]

BK Jayanti (European Director of BrahmaKumaris and also NGO representative at United Nations) [English]

3. Link to the short-films on who am i?

a) running time : 40 minutes

b) journey of a soul, running time : 6:39 minutes (english)

c) journey of a soul, running time: 9 minutes (english)

Now for the next question, Where does the soul resides in the body?

And now you can re-frame this question as “Where do i reside/sit in this body?”

As of now you’ve this awareness Who Am I? It becomes extremely important to know where do you sit inside this costume?
Take a moment of silence and ponder your mind upon a simple question. While talking to any person where do you generally look at?
Do you look at his/her arms? Do you look at his/her leg? Do you look at his/her nose? 
I think you must be wise enough to say NO

Just think someone talking to you continuously stares at your nose or hair/ear/ arm/ any other body part. How’ll you feel? Distracted? Conscious? Is something wrong with Me or the other person? Why is he/she simple not looking in my EYES? 
Yes my friends there you go. You look into someone’s eyes. Ever wondered why only eyes? Looking at another body part doesn’t gives you a feeling of connecting with the other person.
It’s because of this Simple Reason and here we derive our next conclusion :

Here goes the diagram:

For more scientific explanations of this knowledge stay tuned for my next answers. 


Youtube link for pmtv live : https://www.youtube.com/user/Raj...


|| omshanti ||

Shri Ganesh

The greatest item of the creation is pure awareness (Soul) only. The inert energy like light, heat, electricity, magnetism is more subtle and greater than the inert matter. The life energy that is produced in the oxidation of food is only the heat energy (Tejah sati- Veda) because the oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction but the awareness, which is generated from the nervous system by the heat energy, is the most subtle and finest form of energy. The inter conversion of awareness and heat energy is understood theoretically but not possible in practice for the scientist. This does not mean that the life energy is independent and eternal without generation and resolution.

The awareness disappears in deep sleep and appears when the person wakes up. This proves that the awareness is not eternal but inter-convertible form of inert energy only. Of course, the conversion is not in the hands of the scientist. Though the conversion is theoretically proved and accepted. When you stop the supply of food or oxygen, the heat energy is not produced in the digestion and the awareness disappears, which is the state of coma or deep sleep. When the life energy is not supplied, the death happens. In the last stage of the patient, though digestion stops, the respiration continues. Though food is not supplied, oxygen is supplied. Instead of food, the stored fat is oxidized. Therefore the patient is alive for sometime in spite of the absence of food.

After sometime, the nervous system stops functioning either due to damage in the system or due to inadequate supply of the heat energy. This is the stage of unconsciousness. Finally in the last stage, the oxidation stops and no more heat energy is produced. We say hat the human being is dead due to absence of any trace of heat and the body becomes cool. This process of death is described in Veda (Manastejasi tejassati). Just in the last fraction of a second of the time of death, a small portion of the heat energy is used in the formation of the energetic body that goes out of the gross body along with the bundle of qualities, which are stored in the mind. The scientist cannot prepare this bundle of qualities accumulated from the past millions of births.

He cannot bring back this bundle, which escaped from the gross body through the subtle body. Due to this reason only the dead person cannot be made alive. Otherwise science has developed the nervous system and brain in the Robot by introducing a small bundle of qualities as information chip. Therefore, the man is produced but the same man cannot be reproduced. The concept of Robot clearly proves that the awareness is also a form of inert energy because in Robot the electrical energy is converted into the so called awareness which is only the electro magnetic radiation. This energetic body is called as subtle body or ‘sukshma sareera’. This goes to the upper world, which is invisible as said in Veda (‘Manomayaha’) and in Gita (‘Vayurgandhan’, ‘Utkramamtam’).

For any authority, the final stage is experience, which alone gives the validity. The analysis of life energy, awareness etc. is done based on the experience of a human being existing here. All this is the analysis of the various aspects of the human being existing in this world. We have concluded that the awareness is the finest and greatest item in this world based on the practical analysis here itself. If the practical experience is neglected, the logic will lose its basis. In such situation, even the scripture cannot stand because one may say that the scripture itself is a false imagination of some mad person. Therefore all this analysis is based on the internal nature of the available human being. The analysis of the human being perfectly gives the analysis of this entire creation because any human being is a part of creation only. Therefore, the logical analysis and the practical experience associated forms the science. Any spiritual aspirant is an ordinary human being only and thus science is applicable for analysing your self.

In fact the process of elimination only can do the attainment of self or the casual body, which is a perfect scientific procedure. Self is the best item of the creation and the analysis of self is also science. When you are an item of creation, Your ways and efforts cannot be supernatural and they must follow the natural rules of creation, which are again science only. Therefore you must use the logical scientific analysis in analysing yourself and your path to reach God. But God is beyond this creation who is the Creator. Therefore God cannot be analysed by science. When the goal is above science the scientific path cannot be meaningful because the scientific path will lead to such goal only, which can be analysed by science. For e.g.: let us take the path to Bombay, the path is on the Earth and Bombay is also on the Earth. A path that can be analyzed by logic can reach the goal, which must be also analyzed by the logic.

If I start the journey to God and ask the path to reach Him, nobody can show the path because the God is invisible. An invisible goal will always have an invisible path. Nobody can travel in invisible path. One can show the path to a holy temple. If God exists in the statue, such path is a true path. The main purpose of reaching God is to know the whole knowledge of your self, the correct path and the correct goal. The reason is that God is the best preacher since all the matters are related to God. Therefore the Human Incarnation is the correct place of God. The human incarnation consists of a visible human body so that the path to reach Him also becomes visible. Since God is in the human incarnation, by reaching that human body you have reached God. In fact God pervaded all over the body and you have reached the God. The God becomes visible through human body and therefore the path to reach God is also visible.

The main purpose to reach God is to hear the correct version of the entire spiritual knowledge. Then through service you have to please the God. In the case of statue, it is not preaching any trace of knowledge. Moreover when we serve the statute it is not appearing pleased on its face. Due to these two reasons neither God is in the statute nor God is the statute (Na tasya Pratima- Veda). The statute in the human form is a model to indicate the human form of the Lord. The ignorant human beings who cannot accept the human form of the God due to egoism and jealousy can worship the statue as a training for sometime to worship the human form of Lord in future ( Pratimahyalpa Buddhinam- Smruti). But one should not sit in the training through out his life. If he sits in the training only, he is born as an inert object like stone (Bhutejya yanti- Gita).

Amit Dethe

Bachelor of Technology from National Institute of Technology, Raipur (2015)

Soul doesn’t reside anywhere in our body.

The idea of soul is a perception that forms after coming together of five aggregates that is form, feelings, consciousness, perceptions and mental formations.

the below text is taken from Ankur Sah ‘s answer, it clearly tells how soul doesn’t actually exist.

[Once, Buddha met a brahmin master named Uruvela kassapa, who used to lead the community worshiping god of fire. The conversation between those two went like this- ]

The Buddha asked, “Master Kassapa, can you explain to me how worshiping fire can lead a person to liberation?”

Kassapa began by explaining that fire was the basic essence of the universe. It had its source in Brahma (GOD) . That fire was itself the image of Brahma. The Atharveda scripture spoke of fire worship. Without fire there could be no life. Fire was light, warmth, and the source of the sun which enabled plants, animals, and people to live. It chased away dark shadows, conquered the cold, and brought joy and vitality to all beings. Food was made edible by fire, and thanks to fire, people were reunited with Brahma at death. Because fire was the source of life it was Brahma himself. Agni, the god of fire, was one of the thousands of manifestations of Brahma. On the Fire Altar, Agni was portrayed as having two heads. One symbolized the daily uses of fire and the other symbolized the fire of sacrifice and returning to the source of life. The fire worshipers performed forty sacrificial rites. A devotee in their community had to observe precepts, practice austerities, and pray diligently in order to follow the path that would one day lead to liberation.

Kassapa was strongly opposed to those Brahmans who used their position in society to acquire wealth and lose themselves in pursuit of sensual pleasures. He said that such brahmins only performed rituals and recited the scriptures in order to become rich. Because of that the reputation of the traditional brahminic path had become tarnished.

The Buddha asked, “Master Kassapa, what do you think of those who regard water as the fundamental essence of life, who say that water is the element which purifies and returns people to union with Brahma?”

Kassapa hesitated. He thought of the hundreds of thousands of people, right at that very moment, who were bathing themselves in the waters of Ganga (name of river which is considered holy in Hinduism) and other sacred rivers to purify themselves.

“Gautama, water cannot really help one attain liberation. Water naturally flows down. Only fire rises. When we die, our body rises in smoke thanks to fire.”

“Master Kassapa, that is not accurate. The white clouds floating above are also a form of water. Thus, water rises too. Indeed, smoke itself is no more than evaporated water. Both clouds and smoke will eventually return to a liquid state. All things, as I’m sure you know, move in cycles.”

“But all things share one fundamental essence and all things return to that one essence.”

“Master Kassapa, all things depend on all other things for their existence. Take, for example, this leaf in my hand. Earth, water, heat, seed, tree, clouds, sun, time, space—all these elements have enabled this leaf to come into existence. If just one of these elements was missing, the leaf could not exist. All beings, organic and inorganic, rely on the law of dependent co-arising. The source of one thing is all things. Please consider this carefully. Don’t you see that this leaf I am now holding in my hand is only here thanks to the interpenetration of all the phenomena in the universe, including your own awareness?”

[conversation was ended there, it was resumed on next day]

They sat by the lotus pond and conversed. Kassapa said, “Yesterday you said that the presence of a leaf resulted from the coming together of many different conditions. You said that humans, too, exist only because of the coming together of many other conditions. But when all these conditions cease to be, where does the self go?”

“You should know, friend Kassapa, that all things exist because of interdependence and all things cease to be because of interdependence. This is because that is. This is not because that is not. This is born because that is born. This dies because that dies. This is the wonderful law of dependent co-arising which I have discovered in my meditation. In truth, there is nothing which is separate and eternal. There is no self, whether a higher or a lower self. Kassapa, have you ever meditated on your body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness? A person is made up of these five aggregates. They are continuously changing rivers in which one cannot find even one permanent element.”

Uruvela Kassapa remained silent for a long moment. Then he asked, “Could one say then that you teach the doctrine of non-being?”

The Buddha smiled and shook his head. “No. The concept of non-being is one narrow view among a whole forest of narrow views. The concept of non-being is just as false as the concept of a separate, permanent self. Kassapa, look at the surface of this lotus pond. I do not say that the water and lotus do not exist. I only say that the water and the lotus arise thanks to the presence and interpenetration of all other elements, none of which are separate or permanent.”

Kassapa lifted his head and looked into the Buddha’s eyes. “If there is no self, no atman, why should one practice a spiritual path in order to attain liberation? Who will be liberated?”

The Buddha looked deeply into the eyes of his brahmin friend. His gaze was as radiant as the sun and as gentle as the soft moonlight. He smiled and said, “Kassapa, look for the answer within yourself.”

[Again next day, after meditation on the five aggregates, he realized the illusion of separate and permanent self , but still had few doubts left]

Kassapa said, “Gautama, I can even see that the belief in a separate self is false. But I still don’t understand why one should follow a spiritual path if there is no self? Who is there to be liberated?”

The Buddha asked, “Kassapa, do you accept that suffering is a truth?”

“Yes, Gautama, I accept that suffering is a truth.”

“Do you agree that suffering has causes?”

“Yes, I accept that suffering has causes.”

“Kassapa, when the causes of suffering are present, suffering is present. When the causes of suffering are removed, suffering is also removed.”

“Yes, I see that when the causes of suffering are removed, suffering itself is removed.”

“The cause of suffering is ignorance, a false way of looking at reality. Thinking the impermanent is permanent, that is ignorance. Thinking there is a self when there is not, that is ignorance. From ignorance is born greed, anger, fear, jealousy, and countless other sufferings. The path of liberation is the path of looking deeply at things in order to truly realize the nature of impermanence, the absence of a separate self, and the interdependence of all things. This path is the path which overcomes ignorance. Once ignorance is overcome, suffering is transcended. That is true liberation. There is no need for a self for there to be liberation.”

[ Later the conversation ends with Kassapa becoming disciple of Buddha]

This is one of my favorite discussion because this includes the core teachings of Buddha and the answer of common confusions regarding it.

Text source - From the book " Old Path White Clouds " by Thich Nhat Hanh[EDITED AND EMPHASIZED].

Mauro Bernardini

former Math-Physics 3.0

This is the question!

For sure the "Particle of Existence", corresponding to the "soul" of beings, is a real particle with space/mass (S), plus the other two components Life (V) and Thouth (P), having the mass of a Proton. Where they are placed inside the 5 beings equipped with protection body, unfortunatelly nobody know now!. For humans and animals this Particle of Existence could be in some part of the brain, while, for vegetables beings, it could be in some part of the root. Nothing to say for the beings E5 and E6, which are unknown for us, even if they exist in our universe. For Particles of matter, which are the 6th type of beings of our universe composing the majority of our "mineral atomic universe", we can say that their Particle of Existence must correspond to one of them (for instance the Proton or super-Proton, or super-Hydrogen: this is the object of the TTR theory observation, etc) of sure without a protection body (made of others Particles of Existence of this type, as well as for all the bodies of all the others 5 types of beings mentioned above).

This mean that, if the super-Hydrogen will result to be the best candidate to be the "Particle of Existence" of the beings corresponding to this category of "mineral landscape" of our universe, it will be the "soul" of this category of beings without a protection body: that is, the unique "naked Partice of Existence" (or the unique "naked soul" ) of our universe. Obviously this reasoning, valid for our 3d universe, can be applied to universes ranging from 1d up to 10d dimensions which have Particles of Existence with a number of components (SVPC4,..,C11) directly propostional to the universe dimension.

You can take a look at the Presentation of TTR theory and also at the first physical-mathematical result shown starting from its postulates.


BE Mechanical Engineeing & Spirituality, Peri Institute Of Technology (2016)

What do you mean by soul ? Is soul really exist ? Which out experiencing those things , how you will be raising these type of questions .

Yes ,souls are exist

We have several layers in our body

1. Outer physical layer which is our flesh filled body

2. Duplicate layer of our orginal flesh filled body

3. vaccum layer where there is nothing vaccum filled in a layer ( it will be shapelesss)

4. Onhere you can see the spirit energy which runs your body through kundalini

That spirit energy is reffered to existence of shiva Termed as god .

So are you asking me , so am i a God ?

Answer is every humans are not born simply to live here and rest in piece

We have powers which is beyond superconsiousness Only it will get Activated once we start living life correctly .


Yes learn history of great legends like buddha etc and follow thier words strictly . In short form you should live like an saint .


Awaken your piniel gland which is your third eye( google how to activate your pineal gland and how to decalcify it )

Do kayakalpa procedure

Dedication and sincierity towards it makes you to activate your pineal gland and makes you super version . Once it get activated you will get to know what is going to happen next . Intresting right :)

Shuvendu Patnaik

studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

The body is like a jar or a container. This container contains our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses and so on.

Every container has a characteristic scent. This scent is not contained in the jar, but belongs to its creator or to the one who has crafted the container and to whom the container belongs.

The jar does not "carry" the scent. But the jar is associated with the scent, and the scent has an identity - identity if its creator or possessor. We can recognise the scent, and the scent is immortal too. Soul is like that scent.

So, the soul does not live in any part of the body. Rather, the body carries the scent of its soul.

Michelle de Kwiatkowski

A pioneer of spiritual thoughts

Your body resides in the soul. Souls are everywhere. In our physical world, souls become individualized into forms. Everything has a soul. A cellphone, a tree, a cat, the stock market, and a house all have souls. Souls are eternal energies having a physical experience on Earth.

Aizaz Baqir

Freelance translator and writer for the last 30 years.

It is very interesting and simplest question at a time and its answer is also very simple: “Our soul resides in the body where we can feel the pain.” as simple as that.

Material fundamentalism is allied to religious fundamentalism; both deny metaphor and embrace literalism. Literalism is not a quality limited to overly ardent fans of Bible or the Quran. However, according to a news item, some scientists have photographed soul leaving the body (http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-...-photograph-soul-leaving-body-at-death-according-to-new-study.

The image taken using the “gas discharge visualization method”, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography, shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

Deep faith questions, otherwise it is merely indoctrination. In an authoritarian world in which beliefs are insisted on, the search for truth becomes the search for certainty. But there can be no certainty for humans in this world. All the riddles can not be solved even by the most brilliant brains. Even a belief in uncertainty held too closely becomes certainty of a kind. Therefore belief gives us, at least, some hope if not the immediate answers.

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