What Books were removed from the Bible and in what order would they be if they had been included?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
10:56pm, 8th Mar 2018.

Once the canon was established, there haven't been any books “removed.”

There are, however, ancient writings that are hyped up by some people as “lost books of the Bible.” Nearly all of these books never gained widespread acceptance, mostly because they were written long after the canonical Gospels and Epistles, by people who clearly had an agenda to put a gnostic twist on Jesus. They are not included on any ancient lists of widely accepted books of the New Testament. They were never seriously considered to be authoritative by the church.

As for the Old Testament, there are seven books included in Catholic Bibles that are not in Protestant Bibles. These are known as the Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical books. Depending on who you ask, either the Catholics added books to the Bible that shouldn't have been there, or the Protestants removed books that should be there. They clearly have a different flavor from most of the universally accepted canonical books, incorporating clear myth and superstition, and saying things that have never been in agreement with Christian teaching (for example, Tobit says that giving alms earns forgiveness for all sins).

So the idea of books being removed from the Bible isn't really how it went down. In fact, the books that ended up in our Bible are more than most ancient lists of the canon.

Christine Marguerite Conti

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I can’t name them, but the books removed by Protestants came to be called “the Apocrypha” and they still can be found, in their original order in the Old Testament, in any Catholic Bible. Sometimes, in the more scholarly editions of the Bible, Catholic and Protestant, they are put together in a separate section between the Old and new Testaments. Sorry for such a partial answer, but you just need to find either a Catholic Bible or a new, inclusive, Protestant Bible.

Ross Cameron

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‘clear myth and superstition’? I couldn`t have summed up the bible better than that. The entire book babbles on about righteousness, yet extols a genocidal maniac who wipes out life on a planet and insists on killing enemies, even children. You have to be sick to embrace this book of evil.

Ari Mermelstein

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There were books called the Apocrypha and Pseudopigrapha that were not included in the Hebrew Bible. Because many Christians have included some of these books in their bibles, they have been preserved. The reason that they were excluded from the Hebrew bible is because they contain themes that the Canonizers thought bordered on heretical, like a belief in multiple gods (Heaven forbid), stories about angels in physical form, etc.

Jonty H. Campbell

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They were excluded due to not following narrative and metaphorical congruency to the overall mythos.

They are largely curiosity pieces and curates eggs, only the Gnostic Gospels are particularly interesting, try those.

Pay no attention to the wide-eyed fundamentalists.

You’ll learn much in the way the Bible books were put together in a non preachy way via these lectures:

D.G. Lee

Once the Canon of books that made up the Bible was established, no books have ever been removed.

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