Why is the inverted cross used by satanists when it is, in reality, the cross of St. Peter and a symbol of Catholic reverence?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:18am, 6th Mar 2018.

studied at Southern Connecticut State University

Because there's a certain logic to the idea that by physically inverting a symbol, you are inverting its meaning as well. It makes sense, and the Peterine cross isn't something a fair number of people know about, if the outrage over its use by supposed Satanists on grounds of making a new evil symbol, rather than misusing an existing one is anything to go on.

James Salonga

flying spaghetti monster

Just like there are many different Christian schools of thought (note I avoided Saying “branches of Christianity”), there exist different Satanist schools of thought. Some of these don’t even have anything to with the Christian devil, much less any other Christian form of symbolism. Because of movies and pop culture, I fear you might be generalizing that inverted cross = Satanism.

Aji Mathew

Priest at Indian Orthodox Church

Satanists do exactly opposite to what Christians do.

Christians belive and worship Jesus christ and Satanists worship satan

Christians respect bible and satanists step on it.

Christians consecrate Altar whereas satanists use menstrual blood to destroy the purity.

Etc etc. So when it comes to Cross they have no other choice than inverted cross. But they forget that St.Peter was crucified as oer his request to show the respect toeards Jesus Christ. so that doesn't become satanic anymore. In order to reverse or invert everything they use these kind of symbolics which actually doesn't make any sense at all .

Sam Zagada

Registered Nurse (2016-present)

From my theology class in college: cross is like a sword pointing the ground (hell), like a symbol that God wins the battle. Inverted cross is like a sword pointing up (heaven), Satan’s symbolism of him winning.

Philip Knight-Fitzgerald

Cashier at Hy-Vee

First off let me begin by saying that those whose answers reflect Satanists as being “not the sharpest tools in the shed” should look in the mirror. As a Satanist myself I find it quite pathetic that anyone who still believes in the fictional Christ as being a God can sling mud in the face of those who have evolved to believing in themselves. This is what it truly means to be a Satanist, to be your own God instead of worshipping a fictional one created by cavemen. Anyone who thinks Satanism is anything other than this is merely repeating the same spoon-fed dribble that they themselves have been fed without ever doing their research. Read the Satanic Bible is my recommendation.

As far as your question goes, I believe that the reason why Satanists sometimes depict an inverted cross in their ceremonies and rituals is because to the Satanist it represents an inversion of what the cross represents however the inverted cross is not the quote unquote official symbol of the Satanic religion. It is actually the Sigil of Baphomet that best represents all that Satanism stands for.

Ian Kralt

an eloquent apologist.

Taken as a whole, satanists are not the sharpest tools in the shed. The guy who came up with FSM - of which I am a self appointed prophet - is a sharp tool. So not doing their homework on symbology is unsurprising. I have yet to have a debate with one who could remain focussed and coherent for longer then ten minutes before reverting to bombast and poo slinging.

His Parmeseminence,

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