If Jews believe in God, why don't they accept the Quran as the word of God?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
12:22am, 5th Mar 2018.

Michael Safyan

Rabbi's grandson, attended Jewish day school, family spans denominations

The Quran contains some elements that contradict the Torah (for example, swapping Isaac and Ishmael in the story of God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son), so believing both would be problematic.

Regardless, this question both presupposes that there is something mathematically unique about the Quran and that this would be sufficient to prove it divine. Ignoring the first claim (of which I am extremely skeptical), religions believe that a document is divine or not because of whether it is part of their canon and is consistent with the teachings and values of the religion. Mathematical, poetic, linguistic, or aesthetic beauty do not cause a religion to declare a book holy or divine; these things may be emphasized after the book has been included in the religion's canon to rationalize its inclusion or increase its veneration among believers. Such things are not why a religion would include a book in its canon to begin with.

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón

Too long trying to reconciliate my lack of belief with a religious affiliation

The structure of this, and similar questions posted by Christians, atheists, Muslims and other people is:

Why can’t this specific group of people accept the evidence I accept and reach the conclusions I reached?

You should at least let us know the supposed evidence. What is this supposed mathematical structure of the Quran? Who has confirmed it? Can you referred to papers, preferable peer reviewed papers by non-Muslims?

Even if we can agree on any mathematical accuracy, is the Divine origin the only possible explanation?

Personally, the fragments I have read on the Quran don’t show any particular superior message, so any mathematical perfection is meaningless as divined inspired if the message does not meet such perfection.

Okay. I am not a Jew and I don’t believe in gods; but a devout Jew might have the same skepticism I just proposed regarding your claims and the same reason to reject the conclusion even if the alleged mathematical structure is confirmed and agreed.

Ainsley Friedberg

studied at Sacred Heart University

Islam and Christianity are built upon Jewish scripture. Neither can deny the validity of the Jewish scripture without denying the validity of their own religions. However, there is a lot in Jewish scripture that would, to many, invalidate Christianity and Islam. Also, Jewish people tend to be pretty bright, and bright people understand that God doesn’t write books, people do.

Lee Selkirk

former International Management Consultant (1974-1996)

This sounds like a trolling “question”.

Nobody with a decent education can accept a book with as many obvious errors as being in any way divinely inspired. The Quran was cobbled together from Jewish, Zoroastrian, Persian, Christian, Roman, local myths and stories, with the only original content being Mohammed’s annoyingly repetitive claims that he is a prophet and his demands that everyone acknowledge him as such.

Granted, the bible has even more ridiculous errors and loaded with enough contradictions to confuse a politician, but the Jews follow the Torah, not the christian bible, and thus have a more refined and consistent theology than than either Christians or Muslims.

Besides, when you read how the Quran was assembled after Mo’s death, it becomes obvious that it does not represent his words without error. However, the strong local tradition of memorizing literary and poetical works almost flawlessly over generations means that the present versions are likely quite accurate overall.

Rock Nacario

John 16:7 - Jesus was Muhmmad's God. Jesus sent Muhammad.

Judaism is not being proved “wrong” by the Quran?

If possible can you provide the image of the source (verse) or other proof, if it really does not fit in from additional info (limit characters).

So that we could see, but for the best maybe don’t (in your part). Because I spot some conflict from your own question.

I’m not a Jew but by looking at it, and examined the OT which is from them the Jews - (Judaism). This is my suggested answer (involved practices - conflicts) .

Bowing to this Black Stone “Kaaba” is a form of Idolatry already (also in Christianity). Muslims don’t consider it as an idol, since it doesn’t picture any form of gods (example - Hindu gods) .

Do not have other gods besides Me. Do not make an idol for yourself, whether in the shape of anything in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the waters under the earth. You must not bow down to them or worship them;

~ Exodus 20: 3–5 (10 Commandments)

Jews (referring to religious) they do understand this commandment very well (today). Even if it a sign of respect to the founder of Islam.

YAHWEH is Holy and JUST God, never changing - especially in His ways. YAHWEH truly HATE sin, but Allah allowed and permit sin like lying and stealing. Therefore, the God of the Jews (Yahweh) is not the same God in Islam. Judaism can reject Allah.

I the LORD do not change. ~ Malachi 3:16

If the Quran proved that Judaism is not wrong, then it also confirm that their book is not corrupted since they get their teachings there as basis. Therefore, they have the reason all the more to reject your beloved prophet - because it doesn’t fit - considering the context of:

Deuteronomy 18:15-18 and Songs of Solomon 5:16.

Quran requires that you acknowledge Muhammad as the messenger. The problem is Jews (Judaisers) know the context of this verse that it doesn’t speaks about Muhammad.

But if Muslims do insist that Muhammad was mention by name, your putting the prophet reputation in great jeopardy. For example Dr. Zakir Naik - Muslim Apologist discuss the the said prophecy in this video.

John Newell

Artist, Writer, Car Parts Manufacturer (1987-present)

Religion is a human construct invented as a way of promoting order among what would otherwise have been lawless people before there was such a thing as police.

Without some sort of supernatural threat of eternal damnation people are not law abiding enough to achieve civilization.

Don’t suppose Jewish, Muslim or Christians were the first to come up with a word of God to enforce civil laws. There were many, many, perhaps thousands of civilizations before them and contemporary to employ the same strategy including the Aztecs and the Incas.

As such all religions are merely organizations formed around an opinion that can never be proven.

In that respect none of them have anything to do with whether there is a God, ten Gods or no Gods.

So whether or not Jews believe in the Quran as the word of God is irrelevant since all of the Words of God down through pre-history and recorded history have all been man-made devices needed to control populations. Nothing more.

You see more and more people not believing in God or Religion now because with modern education and communications it's getting harder and harder to fool people.

The fact that religion has survived this long demonstrates how badly some people need some sort of psychological crutch. This makes them gullible and vulnerable to brainwashing.

In my case, I attended church as a child but was mostly deaf. So the brainwashing had no effect on me. But it did on everyone else who could hear the Word of God.

My life since has not been negatively affected by not believing in God. It’s all nonsense In today's world long past being useful. In fact religions cause more strife and physical threat to public safety than anything else.

Andre Ouellette

Over 40 Years of Martial Arts Experience (1974-present)

Because it is not?

The Quran is understood to be the work of Muhammad’s disciples (since he was illiterate) in writing down (allegedly) what he said (allegedly) about what the archangel Gabriel (allegedly) said to him about what God (allegedly) said.

You see now the problem for Jews (and anyone like me not indoctrinated in Islam) in accepting this mere book as the word of a God , more so THEIR god?

Peter Ned

Which mathematical structure exactly is "being confirmed more and more", and how?

If Quran-ers believe in god, why don't they accept The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the word of god?

Koran was supposedly fabricated by the 'prophet' Mohamed, while The Guide was fabricated by the writer Douglas Adams.

Why would any god or allah or whatever prefer an illiterate child molester as a divine inspiration target, and not an intelligent writer? That's absurd.

It is being confirmed more and more (not only in our Galaxy, but in most of other galaxies as well) that The Guide is the actual word of god, and the koran is simply a scam. Most of the notable koranists agree that The Guide is to be preferred as a source of divine wisdom.
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