What makes Christianity the one true religion of God?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:57pm, 3rd Mar 2018.

This religious exclusivism / sectarianism is indeed something characteristic of spiritual traditions belonging to the ‘abrahamic’ sect (Christianism, Islam, Judaism in a sense). It’s particular to this branch and it’s very curious to study it in a comparative form with other religious traditions and branches.

This need for expansion, dominance and growth is something we’d name energic (rajasic) and it’s characteristic from ‘asuric’ ways (related to ‘asuras’, devil-ish in a sense).

Not that these three religions would be devil-ish or evil, but that they would be nocive and wrongful in some aspects, although might be valid and positive ways to reach the Divine.

Nothing can make one singular religion ‘the one true religion of God’, but everything indicates that Christianity can’t be inherently separated from that ‘spiritual mistake’.

Thiago Quirino

Ph.D. Evolutionary Computation & Artificial Intelligence, University of Miami

Elle Hayes

75 year old woman who has had a lot of experiences

Only Christians say this and each denomination claims to actually be the one true religion. How is this possible? Who can you believe?

None, actually.

Most of the world isn’t Christian and does not believe their claim.

Geoff Cutler

Christian spiritualist and author of spiritual books.

What makes Christianity the one true religion of God?

There is only one thing that distinguishes Christianity. Only one thing. The explanation that in order to reach the Kingdom of God you must be born again of spirit. This is not a feature of any other religion, as best I know.

The pity is, IMHO, Christians don’t know how to achieve this, so they don’t manage to take any advantage of it, over any other path including atheism. That’s the issue today.

David A Elkins

ME Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, The University of Oklahoma (2007)

Because Christians say so! Just like Islam is the one true religion of Allah. And Hank Williams is the one true country musician.

All questions of religion boil down to: because ______ says so.

Suzanne Booth

Self Employed Glass Artist (2002-present)

For the same reason as every other religious follower “knows” their religion is the one “true” religion - belief. Here’s a brief video explanation on what God is the ‘true’ one:

Jonathon Yousey

Kalam Cosmological Argument

This argument comes in a syllogism like this:

Everything that begins to exist has a cause

The universe came to exist

Therefore the universe had a cause

For the conclusion to be true, the premises must also be true. Premise 1 states that everything that begins to exist has a cause. Well premise 1 is quite literally the Law of Causality, the law which science is a ‘slave’ to. Premise 2 states that the universe had a beginning. How do we know this is true? First, The second law of thermodynamics states that energy in the universe is running out. If the universe were infinitely old it would have already run out of energy and would collapse into itself. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is constant, and therefore the universe cannot keep refueling itself with energy and is destined to collapse. Second, the universe is expanding from a point. If the universe could be reversed we would see it reverse and collapse back into a single point of nothingness. Third, radiation waves from the big bang have been detected. These ripples in heat show that the universe had an ultimate beginning. Finally, Einsteins General Relativity says that time, space, and material are all coexistent and all had a beginning. From this, we see premise 2 as verified. Therefore, the conclusion that the universe needs a cause is verified. What do we know about this cause? Since this cause is outside of the universe, we know it is also outside of time, space, and material (Einstein’s GR). That means it is timeless/infinite/eternal, it is nonspacial, and it is immaterial. Another argument for these traits goes like this: There cannot be an infinite regression of causes. There must be an ultimate cause that is infinite and does not have a beginning, and therefore needs no cause. Therefore since it is infinite it also cannot change, since you must have time, a before and after, to change. And since it cannot change, it is also immaterial, since material is always changing at the atomic and molecular levels. So there are some traits for this cause. What else is it? It is also extremely powerful (beyond our imagination) because it spawned a universe out of nothing. Impressive, right? This cause is what I call God. And since this God is infinite, there can be no other gods at the same level as it. If multiple gods do exist, this God would have made them, which means that these gods are nothing compared to the ultimate God. This concludes the Cosmological Argument.

Teleological Argument

Everything that is highly complex has a designer

The universe, earth, and life are all highly complex

Therefore, the universe, earth, and life have a designer

Premise 1 is self evident. You never find a diamond rolex in the woods that simply came to be without any cause. It is so complex that it is clearly designed. The universe, earth, and life are even more complex then a simple rolex. Premise 2 says that the universe, life, and earth are all highly complex. Is that true? Well, DNA in the said to be very first life form (amoeba) had the equivalent of 1,000 encyclopedias worth of information in it. 1,000 encyclopedias! Mathematically, the DNA letters and our alphabetical letters are the same. That’s just the very first life form, we are so much more complex than that. So how can DNA not show any form of intelligent design? Well it does, we just ignore it (side note the formation of DNA is irreducibly complex, so it could not have evolved. It either just poof came into existence out of nothing or was given by intelligence). Another showcase of intelligent design is the anthropic principle. There are 122 anthropic constants that if just one were missing, LIFE could not exist. The chances of that happening are 1 in 10^130, a decimal with one hundred and thirty zeros after the decimal! Thats a greater chance than getting 15 royal flushes in a row in a poker match. You can look up the anthropic constants by Hugh Ross if you want, I won’t show them here. So in conclusion, the earth, universe and life have a designer. What do we know about this designer? Well it wanted to support life, so it made it that way. If we take the traits from the kalam cosmological argument, we see that this cause is not only infinite, nonspacial, immaterial, unchanging, powerful, but we see that it is also conscious (made the decision to support life) and personable as it created life and humans.

Moral Argument

If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist

Objective moral values do exist

Therefore, God exists

Premise 1: States that if God does not exist, then objective morals do not exist. God is the unchanging standard to which all morals are measured. Without God, objective morals cannot exist. Why? Because without God there is no perfect standard to compare any moral value to. “You can’t know that a line is crooked unless you know what a straight line is” -CS Lewis. Society faults at creating an unchanging perfect standard, as slavery and many other things were right in society’s eyes. Society changes, morals do not. What is right is always right. Evolution certainly does not explain morality, as evolution can be used to make a wrong act right. For example, lets say Hitler wanted to kill off the minorities and weak to create a perfect society. In evolutions eyes, he is doing right, because he is helping the species become stronger by purifying the gene pool. But murder is wrong and we know it, so evolution certainly does not explain morality. Evolution would also suggest rape is right, because rape=reproduction and reproduction is essential for evolution. God is the one and only standard from which objective morality can come from. Premise 2 states that objective morality does exist. That is pretty clear, as most cultures have basic moral principles like murder for example as being wrong and outlawed. Soldiers in america have to desensitize the word kill because naturally we know that killing is wrong (unless it’s justified, like killing Hitler for example. But thats an argument about where justice comes from, which is another morality argument). Cannibals did rituals to dehumanize the human they were about to kill. Same thing with Hitler and the Jews, he had to dehumanize them so that his officials could kill them. Because morals are self evident, we know they must come from God. And no, it doesn’t come from just the bible, as many others who don’t believe in God are moral peoples, but it does certainly come from God. Therefore, since premise 1 and 2 are verified, the conclusion that God exists is true. What do we know about God from this argument and others? Well we know he is infinite, nonspacial, immaterial, unchanging, powerful, conscious, personable, and all righteous, as he is the standard of all good. Now this sounds like God.

These arguments prove a monotheistic God, but which monotheistic God is the true God? Islam’s, Christianity’s, or Judaism’s God? Look at the Quran, The Bible, and the Torah. Because all 3 are mutually exclusive, they all cannot be correct. 1 of them can be correct. So lets look at the Quran. It has many errors and different readings that contradict a lot of what the Quran says and what Muslims believe. For example, the Quran states from Surah Al-E-Imran 3 that “He has revealed to you the Book with the truth (the Quran), confirming what has been before it, and has sent down the Torah and the Injil” (Injil means gospel from Bible). The Quran then states after stating that Christianity and Judaism were true, that Christ never died and rejects all Christian beliefs. How can the Quran say that the Bible is correct and then say it’s not? The Quran says multiple times that Christianity is true and then says it is not. Hmm. The Quran affirms Christianity as the truth, so if christianity is not the truth than neither is the Quran. If Christianity is true, then (since the Bible and Quran contradict each other) the Quran is not true, since it contradicts the truth. Either way, the Quran is false. So what about Judaism and the Torah? Well Judaism really is half the Bible, they just don’t believe that Jesus is Christ (the messiah). If Jesus is Christ, then Christianity is true, if Jesus is not Christ then Christianity is not true, and Judaism now is the only one that could be true.

So really, if Jesus is proven as Christ then Christianity is true and Judaism and Islam are both lacking truth. As the gospel shows (eyewitness accounts of Jesus) Jesus did actually come to earth and die and rise again. The gospel is reasonable, historic, and accurate. How do we know they are not lying? We know they don’t for many reasons, one being that the disciples included many embarrassing details about themselves. Also, they included historical figures like the 3 Herods, Pilot, etc. When some of these people are referenced, they are shown in a negative way. If the disciples were lying about these rulers, then they would be exposed and Christianity would have failed.

If you would like to read any book from the gospels, try Matthew or Mark first as they are both simple and a good introduction to Jesus. If you would like to listen to the longer and more coherent arguments I have made, look them up. The Kalam Cosmological, Teleological, and Moral arguments are all famous and are taught by many leading apologists which is from where my arguments are pieced together.

Andrew Siviter

Used to be one, protestant type I guess with a pinch of new age.

Absolutely, completely, without exception, nothing at all.

It is just as bogus as all the others.

Most religions think they are the one one and the followers of the rest are goingto Hell or similar places of torment.

They can’t all be right.

They can of course all be wrong.

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