Is Islam the largest religion in Africa?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:28am, 4th Feb 2018.

No. As of 2014, Christianity is still the largest with close to 490 million people. Islam is second with approximately 420 million people. Tribal religions still account for 100 million, or about 10% of the total African population. Hinduism is only about 3 million and Baha’i about 2 million. There are about 600,000 atheists and the rest are accounted for by Jews, Chinese religions and Jains. This is according to a Nigerian journalist from a Nigerian web site and has not been fact checked but is probably fairly close to correct. This is what Christianity and Islam have wrought upon African (at least South African) minds, a backlash against reality.

Shakir Mumtaz

President/CEO (2005-present)

ISLAM used to be the majority religion in Africa. West, however, deviously forced this continent to convert. Nowadays devious Christian Missionaries are exploiting the poverty in all kept-poor countries to change the demographic dynamics in a desperate attempt to maintain the Christian Majority in the world.

This majority, however, is going to erode in 2077 InshaAllah. Islam would become the majority religion in the world forever.

Syed A Naqvi

Sufi, Spiritual Guide, Political Policy expert

Susan Maneck

I have a PhD in history with emphasis on the history of religions.

I believe Christianity and Islam are running neck and neck in Africa.

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