How a Nigerian lady calls God a ‘killer’ who killed a lot of people in the Bible

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:17am, 3rd Sep 2017.

Nigerian lady calls God a ‘killer’ who killed a lot of people in the Bible
A young Nigerian lady has accused God of committing genocide in the Bible. Even though it is believed that God is blameless and without any sin or blemish, and remains so for eternity, a young lady has come out to dispute that theory.

The lady who identifies herself as Agbala Nwanyi on Facebook, said Yahweh (meaning God in Hebrew) was a mass murderer in the Bible.

She mentioned that God destroyed the world by drowning in the Bible, stating that it amounts to genocide, which is the mass killing of people.
To authenticate her claim,

she wrote:

“He came into the temple and saw people trading. He made whips out of chords and flogged them out of the temple. Overturned their tables and scattered their wares and coins on the floor. Is that one not a man with bad temper????

Him: Do you know YAHWEH committed the highest genocide ever known to man?

Me: Mtcheew Yahweh that once killed the whole world by drowning, is that one not worse than genocide???”

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