How Anambra Man Who Sells Roasted Corn In Dubai To Make A Living Story : Photos

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
12:31am, 3rd Oct 2016.

According to a post on Anambra State Online
Facebook wall, the man pictured above hails
from Anambra state and he roasts maize in
Dubai as a delicacy and sells them to passersby.
In an exclusive chat with Anambra State Online
Media, he opened up on how he started the
business and the benefits.

"My name is Obinna. When i arrived Dubai and
couldn't get a job, i decided to think out of the
box on what to do to make a living and one day,
while in a local restaurant, a man came and
placed an order..

"When the waiter came with the order, it was
Chicken With Mashed Potato and Grilled Corn
but the corn was not roasted the native Nigerian
way as we do with coals.

"That was when the idea came and i decided to
give it a try. I contacted a local farmer who
supplied raw corn for me and started roasting
them close to my neighborhood across the

"At first, people who passed by looked at me
with curiosity as they had never seen anything
of its kind up until one man approached me and
i gave him one corn cob to taste. he liked it and
the following day, invited 4 of his friends who
bought and even took some home."According to
Obinna, that day marked the beginning of his
turnaround in the business.

The business according to him is the first of it's
kind in Dubai and in no time became a popular
delicacy in the neighborhood with people
especially Nigerians living there who want to
have a taste of home patronise him on a daily

When asked how much he makes as profit,
Obinna smiled and said, "The profits are not
bad. I sell each corn cob for about 5 to 8 Dirham
depending on the size and on a very good day, i
take about 60 to 80 Dirham (22$USD)(N8,000)
home.", he said.
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