IPOB Goes For Biafra Referendum, International Community, Others To Come For Monitoring

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 2:20am, 3rd Jan 2017. | Views: 455 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
2:20am, 3rd Jan 2017.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has
called for a sovereignty referendum on the way
to liberating Biafra.

The group has also advised Biafrans at home
and in the Diaspora to be prepared for the
forthcoming referendum to decide whether to be
an independent sovereign entity from Nigeria or

IPOB said in a statement by its Media and
Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, that
Biafrans have the right, under international law
to decide their fate through a referendum, the
same way Britain exercised its right to leave the
European Union (EU) without the permission of
the European Parliament or European Council.

The group noted that Scotland had also
exercised the right to self-determination and so
had the Quebec region in Canada.

IPOB said organs of the region were the people
designated to call for a referendum for
independence of Biafra, not the government and
added that the United Nations (UN) would
monitor the referendum processes and ensure
compliance with the will expressed.

“IPOB leadership invites the international
community, men and women of goodwill to come
and monitor this peaceful referendum in
Biafraland. IPOB family members worldwide are
working tirelessly to restore our long lost
freedom and political independence without

“We, Biafrans, in pursuit of our inalienable,
irreducible and God-given right to restore our
stolen sovereignty, do hereby state that we do
not require the permission of government
officials to grant us our natural freedom.

“With these reasons, the path to Biafra
independence must and will not pass through
Abuja because it is a process that will be
considered by Biafrans only and no other people.
“In line with this, we have decided to adopt the
option of self-rule. For as long as Biafra remains
a part of Nigeria, we will remain forever slaves in
our own land.

“More so, the right to self-determination is
always implemented through a referendum with
the participation of all residents in the land.
“This path has also been implemented recently
by South Sudan, Greenland, Kosovo, Albania,
East Timor, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro
among others. Scotland has also exercised this
right to self-determination and so has the
Quebec region in Canada. If these nations,
populated by humans like Biafrans, can exercise
this right, so can we.

“In all these newly created countries, their
citizens voted in a referendum with international
monitoring bodies, which ensured the validity of
the votes cast. The same referendum can also
be conducted in Biafraland and monitored by
international observers.”
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