How The New Sms-based Service From Etisalat Aims To Boost Maternal Care In Nigeria

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
8:10pm, 13th Sep 2016.

Etisalat’s new service targets
pregnant women and new mothers in
Nigerian telecoms giant Etisalat is
aiming to boost healthcare access to
pregnant women and new mothers
through a new service rolled out on
its network in partnership with the
GSM Association (GSMA) and value-
added services company Vas2Nets,
and Audrey Pack.
The partners have launched a mobile
phone-based health service called
Special Midwife Service. It is a Short
Message Service (SMS) and Interactive
Voice Response (IVR) service that
costs NGN 30 for two days. It
provides pregnant women and new
mothers with useful education and
information about pregnancy and
nutrition, conception, fitness and
medication reminders.
Speaking on the new service, Director
of Digital Business at Etisalat Nigeria
Adia Sowho described the Special
Midwife Service as an innovative
contribution to global efforts to
improve nutrition and reduce
maternal and child mortality in the
The service is aimed at ensuring that
women are better informed about the
right choices to make during and after
pregnancy. The service will provide
them with unhindered access to
information on everything they desire
to know about pregnancy, child care
and nutrition-sensitive issues for
various stages of life, at any time of
the day. It also gives subscribers the
opportunity to speak with a Doctor or
Midwife on demand. Don't forget to
share .. Thanks
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