Dating Tips: Some Signs He Should Only Be A Friend, And Not Your Lover

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
4:31am, 21st Jan 2017.

I will be leaving only 4 ways to know but Let’s get one thing straight right now:
There is nothing WRONG with friendship.
Friendship is dope as hell and really
rewarding for the people in it. How can you
tell if he’s a perfect boyfriend or better off
as your bud? There are lots of different
signs, but we’ve pulled together the big
ones to help you out.
Here are 4 signs you and your boyfriend
are better of just as best friends.

1. You can’t imagine a future together.
You’ve been dating exclusively for a little
while now. So it’s natural you stop to think
about the future. Not so natural? Maybe
you just can’t picture it. Or you don’t like
what you see. You like him a lot, maybe
you even love him, but when you think
about making a life with him in it you draw
a blank.

2. You love him but not that way. When
your friends talk about how much they love
their boyfriends you get worried. Sure, you
LOVE your boyfriend, but you aren’t on
cloud nine or anything. He’s a great guy,
you take care of each other, you’ve got a
lot of common interests. But it doesn’t
seem like the storybook love affair true love
is supposed to be. That’s because it isn’t
… it’s true friendship.

3. You hate living with him. If you cant
picture living with him, You’d be better off
as buddies.

4. You want to open the relationship up. If
you want to open up the relationship so
that you can meet new people, you are way
better as friends. Boredom and
dissatisfaction in your relationship is not a
sign you should open things up.

It’s a sign
you’re dating a friend and not a lover.

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