What/ how does a girl feel when she sits on a guy's lap?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:10am, 20th Feb 2018.

Moulding until I become one worthy doll

When I sat for the first time it was really blissful .

I felt as if I was in heaven.

I felt his protection more than before .

Yes, dad's lap is the best place in the world .

But unfortunately , it can't last forever.

Dear people, I wish you could understand this true fact Coz my dad was a guy when I was little .

Murphy Barrett

What/how does a girl feel when she sits on a guy's lap?

It really depends on the girl.

Some feel demeaned or infantalized, and won’t do it.

Others just think its a seat.

Still others find it comforting and intimate.

Tasha Tanner

Freelance Writer/artist retired

I wouldn't do this because I'd probably crush his thighs and penis with my big ass, especially if he's a little guy. I'm not toothpick thin like I was in my military days. I'm bigger over all these days which is probably why I usually like taller, bigger guys, they look like they could handle a big mini me like me. I'd agree to sitting beside him or laying side by side with him. Of course, this would work better if we were already dating.

So no, I would not sit on a guy’s lap. Unless he was the same size as my 6 foot 3 tall dad or bigger and only if he begged me to for comfort or something and I didn't think I was gonna crush him with my big frame and wide hips and he was totally okay with that.

Amy Dakin

I'm alive, and I live.

… who’s the guy? Who’s the girl? Who knows??

Because if the girl is five, and the guy is her father, assuming he’s a nice example of a father, she’ll probably feel pretty content and protected. Unless she doesn’t like physical contact, in which case she might be wriggling to get off.

If the girl is 15, and the guy is her boyfriend, assuming he’s a nice example of a boyfriend, she’ll probably feel pretty squirmy and excited. His lap might be comfortable, or very uncomfortable, depending on the guy, but either way she may feel butterflies in the stomach. Y’know how it is. Or maybe she’s tired, and is leaning against him for a rest. Unless she doesn’t like physical contact, in which case she might be wriggling to get off.

If the girl is 18, and the guy is her best friend, assuming he’s a nice example of a best friend, she’ll probably be laughing, or affectionate. Maybe he’s letting her sit there because there are no other seats. Maybe they’re just having a hug. Maybe they’re sharing an ice cream sundae. Should feel sweet, or funny. Unless she doesn’t like physical contact, in which case, you get the picture.

If the girl is actually a woman, and the guy is her partner, assuming he’s a nice example of a partner, she’ll maybe feel somewhat flirtatious and seductive. Or silly. Or comfy, secure, and warm inside. Maybe they’re cuddling. Maybe they’re already further than cuddling. Unless she doesn’t like physical contact… yadda yadda.

And if the guy is a pushy stranger, or a not-nice example of any of these things?

She’ll probably feel panicked, embarrassed, and/or angry. Maybe patronised. Maybe scared. Maybe like telling him to let her go before he finds himself getting punched where he really doesn’t want to be.

Datonye Iseleye

Bsc Agriculture & Entomology, University of Port Harcourt (2015)

Most ladies that have sat on my lap did it mostly because they are comfortable around me and probably saw me as a cool guy. It can be a way to show a lady you care for her, cause sitting on a guy's lap is way more comfy than most chairs ( provided he's not skinny of course).

So I would guess the feeling is one of warmth, closeness and an appreciation for your care.

Grace Jackson

former Retired person who knows a little

If he asked her to ,she should feel special, he wants to be close to her. She won't sit there if she doesn't like him. It would be too close for comfort if she wasn't interested.

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