Do German women date Nigerians?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:18am, 3rd Feb 2018.

I had read the other answers. I had never been to Germany before or after the unification.

However during the cold war, I did met kids of Nigerians who studied in DDR. Their number was not less then the children of parents that studied in other eastern block countries.

Yes I know because as my name suggested I am a product of a father who studied in the USSR and came back with a Russian wife. There were organizations where the Niger-wives (term used by Nigerian immigration services ) from Warsaw pact countries did stuff together from picnics to parties. So yes met lots of them. There were fewer from western Europe, but thinking back, I feel that is because they did not return to Nigeria as in the case of my uncle's daughter who stayed in Germany with the mother as they never got married. Or simply that we did not socialize much.

Racism is everywhere. It is either in the open or hidden. So accusing Germany of some specific racism is wrong. In fact a German as like with anti Semitic actions they are less likely to be openly racists in the 60s to 80s. However now I do not know.

Why am I bringing this up? Because what ever the colour difference, a couple will click unless they have a racial problem.

Germany is no more racist then any other European country.

Barbara Tsipouras

lives in Germany

As everywhere els there are people who don’t care at all where you come from or what color is your skin, others don’t care as long as they don’t think about serious relationship, and still others do care but would never admit it, and finally there are a few who are openly racists.

I have a friend who is married with a man from Niger (she’s German), my sister is married with a Chinese man and I married a Greek.

It’s not impossible to find German girls who would date a Nigerian, but it could be a bit more difficult to find them. And of curse: more important than your skin is your personality, your character.

BTW I believe the problem is not so much the color of your skin as is the fear of the different culture.

Alex Nikov

Green and Green

I think not many Germans tend to marry a Nigerian, or maybe, an African. However, it depends on how much brave they are. Maybe…

There are some notable Afro-Germans.

The Boatengs

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting

So? I think if you have enough bravery, you can have a date. German society is very open for you. Look on some Africans then you can handle it. Of course, Germans are okay with Nigerians

Natalie "Tali" Müller

lives in Germany (1998-present)

Sure. Most German women (or men for that matter) won't care whether their significant other is German, Polish, Nigerian or whatever. Why wouldn't they date Nigerians?

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