Why SSL connection errors occur and how can I fix it?

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Why SSL connection errors occur? Reasons behind it:

An SSL Errors occurred by some misconfigurations or mistakes did from the visitor’s end.

Here’s the few reasons of SSL Error occurrence:

Issue with date & time

If a PC is having an incorrect date and time, many people don’t care about incorrect date and time and leavings correcting it which is responsible for SSL Error.

Mixed Content Issues

it means websites having both secure and insecure part of codes. Most websites can be fixed by some tweaks on their site which I’ll explain below.

Antivirus Software

SSL Errors may be occurred by the antivirus software because of blocking untrusted websites.

If the SSL certificate issued is not up to date. This cause happens when a site owner forgets to renew the SSL certificate.

If a site using an Untrusted Certificate or issued by the untrusted provider. This problem happens when a website owner tries to enable website as HTTPS without registering it by a proper SSL certificate.

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Know few things about web servers and SSL

SSL errors occur mainly due to missing CA certificate or Client certificate on the browser. 
- During SSL handshake, web server will send its certificate for verification to web browser. Web browser should have the certificate of the certifying authority (CA) in order to verify this server certificate. In case of absence of CA certificate ( chain), the SSL handshake will fail. To fix this issue, ensure that the latest version of web browser is installed, and the required CA certificate is installed on web browser.
- Additionally, if web server is configured to authenticate clients( web browser) eg in banking sites,  web server will request for the client certificate from web browser during SSL handshake. In case web browser fails to send the client certificate, or the web server fails to verify the client certificate from the list of CA certificates stored at its end, SSL handshake will fail. To fix this issue, ensure that the client certificate is created as per the process defined by the server, and the certificate is not expired.

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If you are facing this Error 107 code problem and always frustrating and thinking about to solve this error code problem but couldn’t find right solution on the internet so today, we are going to show you that How to fix and solve this Error 107 code problem.

It shows an error code message like,

SSL Connection Error

Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with the server, or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that you don’t have.

How to fix and resolve Error 107 Code Problem:-

1. Checking Windows Firewall or the Local Proxy Settings –

Go to the start menu

Search or go to control panel

Click on the ‘Internet Options.’

A Popup will open there

Click on the connections option there

Click on the “LAN settings” there

Proxy server configuration information appears under proxy server

That’s it, done

2. Disable the Unwanted Internet Browser Extension –

Go to your Google Chrome browser

Click on the Menu icon “≡” at the top right

Click on the ‘More Tools‘ option there

Click on the Extensions options there

Click on the Unchecked Enabled which you want to disable

Click on Remove to delete it completely

Click on Disable link under the plugin to disable it

That’s it, done

If you can’t fix and solve this error problem then you must the more solutions and methods at: How to Fix and Solve error-107 Code Problem

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There are many reasons to get an SSL connection error, which are listed below. 

Incorrect time and date of your PC / Laptop.

SSL certificate has been expired.

The certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

The certificate is not installed correctly.

Page contains both insecure http:// and secure https:// content.

You should find out proper reason behind occurring SSL connection error. Please refer this article to fix SSL connection error -https://goo.gl/Uxb84v

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