How do I recover (decrypt) the .txt or .pdf or .docx files which are infected and encrypted by ransomware?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:31pm, 3rd Mar 2018.

Holger Keller

CMO at Emsisoft

Before being able to decrypt your files, it’s important to establish what type of ransomware you have been infected with. A good place to start is to visit ID Ransomware, which allows you to upload and/or submit an encrypted file example and it will tell you which type of ransomware it is. Their database covers more than 280 types (and is updated regularly), but if it’s not identified, it may be analysed by experience analysts to try to identify it. So when in doubt, upload an encrypted file that does not have any sensitive information if you are worried about privacy.

If you get a match, you can then visit either one of several anti-malware companies that provide decrypters. The Lab team at Emsisoft, which I work for, is very active in creating free decrypter tools for new and existing variants of ransomware. you can find a complete list here: decrypter.emsisoft.com

Alternatively, you can check the No More Ransom Project, which is an initiative between law enforcement agencies, IT security companies and other cybersecurity bodies to fight ransomware. They currently have more than 30 partners (Emsisoft is now one of them), and they provide advice and a list of decrypters.

I hope this helps.

Rahul Roy

IT & Software Analyst

It is hard to recover any files encrypted by any kind of Ransomware. They encrypt it in such a way that it is kind of an impossible task to restore those files.

But trust me it’s might be hard but not that impossible

Today only, I seen this news on Yahoo. That there is a software solution company who have decrypted various files …infected by Wannacry Ransomware Attack.

Did a little bit of research on this…and find it a true and genuine news.

You may check this out How to Recover Files Infected By Ransomware Attack?

Hope This answer Helps

In case we’re meeting for the first time,
Hi! I’m Rahul Roy, ‘a software and data recovery analyst’.
Thanks for reading my answer

Joshua Dunham

Network Administrator (2016-present)

As the others say, it really comes down to what type of ransomware has got you. In case there is not decryptor for the virus that has attacked you, one alternative is to try and use data recovery programs. We have had one client who was hit with the latest Locky ransomware, using the .osiris file extension(Remove .Osiris Virus (Locky Ransomware) - SensorsTechForum.com) and ended up recovering around 15 important files. But it is not a 100% guarantee, so yeah, be careful what you are doing, because you may also break the files.

Also, there are ransomware viruses that not only encrypt files now. Most of those also encipher hard drives as well. This very same blog reports about one such virus, called GoldenEye Ransomware…

Joey Watson

Software Expert

The most simple and accurate solution to repair your data from corrupt or damaged MS Word file is to use 3rd part tool. It allows users to resolve all minor or major corruption issues related to MS Word. The tool is also capable to recover data from all versions of MS Word i,e. .doc, .docx, .dot, .docm, .dotx and .dotm. To know more about the software, visit:DOCx Recovery Tool - Repair & Recover Corrupt MS Word DOCx Files

Phillip Remaker

V oryvrir va frpher rapelcgvba

Unless that specific variant of ransomware has been compromised and the keys made public, there is no way to do so.

Donna Wang

1 year in Cybersecurity Industry at a public traded company

It depends on what ransomware that you are infected with.

Some ransomwares have known bugs and security vendors had came up with decryption tools to recover your files without knowing the public keys.

Find out about the ransomware familiy and see if you are lucky enough to find a free tool

Amy Celine White

To speak frankly, it is hard to decrypt files that encrypted by ransomware without paying the ransom, unless there has been a tool created to decrypt the files. So, you need to know what type of ransomware has encrypted your files. Only when you know that can you search for related informaiton about the ransomware and find the solution. If you have confirmed that there is no tool so far to decrypt the files, then you can try other ways to get your files back. Visit this article to get some hints: http://guides.uufix.com/remove-cryptxxx-ransomware-and-restore-the-encrypted-files

Erik van Garderen

studied at Fontys Hogescholen

You can try to find a decryptor if an anti virus company has managed to break the encryption algorythm or keys.

If not, you need to be a very good IT security scientist.

Cryptoware is the malware I am most afraid of, so I make daily and weekly backups of my personal data. I dont want a creepy criminal to make me loose the pictures of my family and children and also dont want them to benefit from me!

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