Why are Chinese people good at hacking?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:24pm, 3rd Mar 2018.

Anand Mishra

Founder at Allsafe Cybersecurity®

Because “They don’t care if they get caught,” says Dmitri Alperovitch, who used to work at McAfee, a computer-security firm, where he helped analyse several Chinese hacking operations in 2010 and 2011, and is a co-founder of Crowd Strike, another Cyber security firm. The indiscriminate tactics of China’s 2010-11 campaign made it relatively easy to track. His team identified more than 70 victims (among many more unidentified ones), dating back to 2006, and found that the average time the hackers stayed inside a computer network was almost a year.

Now a days not only “China” but “INDIA”, “US”, and “RUSSIA” also have a best “Security professional” OR Hacker.

Charan Shanbog

Computer Science Engineer

Hacking is a very organised crime and take a very skilled person ,most of the hacking crimes go unpunished and this also created a huge trend in youth of programmers as you can see in quora most of them asking how to become a hacker ? or what all programming languages should hacker must know ?. or what are the best hacks till date ?

(So we can conclude that somehow the hacking is seen as Cool thing not a Crime.)

Why Chinese people are good at hacking ?

No they are not , this is highly generalization of the topic since Chinese people have more number reported hacks against Chinese nationals that doesn’t make them good hackers. The reason there are more number of hackers are because of lenient Government , Yes you read it right till today China didn’t extradite the criminal to be prosecuted after arrests made.

And China also allegedly built a group of hackers for cyber warfare department as part of its army PLA Unit 61398 - Wikipedia

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The attitude of the government nourishes and effectively involved in the hacking which makes it impossible for these hacker to punish in a global level. The government virtual provides a safe environment for hackers and they bred like rabbits .

The hacking has become a business in China you can hire them to do your dirty work this is not only limited for chinese there are hacker from different countries also 9 things you can hire a hacker to do and how much it will (generally) cost .

Mostly these chinese hackers hack databases and information of other countries . 11 countries reported of hacking their critical servers and most of them blame chinese hackers .( Follow this wikipedia page Cyberwarfare - Wikipedia look at the By country section).

I am not saying other countries don’t hack the intelligence group of countries do hack people of their own and others but not at the scale like chinese do .They stole specs of aircraft. Snowden: Chinese hackers stole F-35 fighter jet blueprints ( This is former NSA disclosing chinese hacks Man Who Sold F-35 Secrets to China Pleads Guilty | VICE News).

Since these hackers are essential to china to get vital information for china it supports and this makes hard to catch and punish . If you agree that If you don’t get caught its not a crime then chinese are good hackers this the only advantage they’ve else all hackers are criminals and equally smart irrespective of nationalism .

Kartikay Tyagi

studied at Computer Hacking

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Why are the Chinese so good at hacking?
There is a serious misconception about Chinese hackers in today's world. In the hacking circle we know the truth.
Chinese people are not good at hacking. Chinese hackers are good at hacking.
But a hacker is a hacker. No matter the region, he is a hacker. It does not mean they're any better than other hackers. I think this misconception has gained prominence because some Chinese hacker groups carry attacks on other countries systems. But any hacker could do that. Just because they don't do it doesn't mean they can't do it.

Lueco Shun

works at Northwestern Polytechnical University

where there is computer, there is hacker. not only in China.

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