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12:37pm, 17th Oct 2017.

Oracle Corporation
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Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

Oracle OpenWorld: The Ultimate Cloud Experience. At Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Oracle executives, partners, and ...
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The volunteer spirit at JavaOne4Kids brings entire families to the event. Ten-year-old Zayne is a first-time attendee who also happens to have his own YouTube channel where he does cooking. “I’m interested in coding and building robots. I’ve built a robot using Lego Mindstorms at a workshop,” he says. Meanwhile, his older brothers are both volunteering. Another volunteer, Kenneth Baltz, is a software engineer from Dixon, a farming town outside Sacramento, California. His son came for the first two years of JavaOne4Kids, and his daughter has attended for the last two years. He stays to volunteer since the family makes a long-distance train trip to attend the event.

With a public high school—d.tech—opening on its campus in spring 2018, Oracle isn’t about staid philanthropy. Under Miller’s stewardship, the flagship Oracle Academy, which started in 1993, has tripled in size to support more than 12,000 institutions and 3.5 million students in 120 countries—with a staff of only 45. Miller says that d.tech “is the only public high school on a technology company campus in the world, as far as we know.”

Reaching young coders and increasing diversity in computer science are priorities the event organizers share. “We teach computational thinking,” says Nilay Yener, a community manager and board member for Devoxx4Kids USA. Skills like how to break down a problem, find help, test solutions, and collaborate are highly transferrable to any complex endeavor. In terms of gender diversity, the obstacle is not that girls don’t want to program, but that they stop doing it in high school and college, Nilay says: “A lot of girls start out in computer programming, but then leave. What we want to work on is keeping them there.”

Alexa Weber Morales is a content strategist and editor at Oracle.

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