Who is known as the father of mathematics?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:51pm, 1st Mar 2018.

someone between an engineer and a mathematician

I don't think there is anyone in mathematics that deserves the title father of mathematics, but the first person that comes to mind when talking about mathematics in ancient times is the great Euclid.

Euclid is often touted as the father of geometry, and is undoubtedly the first person to present the concept of 'rigorous proof' in its modern form. Starting from a set of unproved results which must be assumed, namely five axioms and five common notions, he set out to prove the entirety of classical geometry in a total of six volumes.

His masterpiece is named The Elements, which has thirteen volumes altogether. Volumes 7 to 9 give a treatment of elementary number theory, where he gave an impressive account of the theory of proportions. Book 12 in particular is noteworthy for discussing the method of exhaustion, which contains within it the ghost of the idea of calculus, particularly infinite limits.

I reiterate that no one has ever been called as the father of mathematics, but if there ever was a competition to nominate one, Euclid would be a strong contender for the title.


Bca from NSHM Knowledge Campus,durgapur

Archimedes is the father of mathematics.

Every mathematician is a father or mother of math. Some are parents to huge swaths of math (e.g. Archimedes, Gauss, Euler, Erdos etc). Others to a single theorem or to a generation of mathematicians.

I suggest strongly that you seek self-education through reading books such as “A Curious History of Mathematics” by Joel Levy.
This valuable book is “on steroids” in terms of laying out over 200 of the most critical concepts of mathematics together with extensive bibliographies on each concept. You can read that and discover that many more than just one “father” is present in the history of mathematics.
I applaud this book from my personal experience of being a teacher and professor.

Shanky Agrawal

former Senior associate at Syntel (2013-2014)

In India, it is Ramanujam whom who we consider as a father of mathematics as he develop such derivations and mathematical formula which is unique and helps solving very intricate problems. His birthday is celebrated all over India and he is a great mathematician.

Leslie Rathnamalala

Network Technician (2015-present)

there is no father in mathematics. as its a universal language, but according to some search engines they said that the father of mathematics is Archimedes.

Burçak Çelik

studied Mathematics at Okan University

I don’t think there is just “one” father of math. But some are parents to huge parts of math: Archimedes, Gauss, Euler, Erdos…

Kurt Heckman

B.S. Mathematics, Eastern Nazarene College (1984)

I would say Euclid. So much of the math that we now employ is built on Euclidean Geometery.

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