What is the longest English word without any vowel letters?

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Rubin Mathias

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The longest word English without A, E, I, O or U (but including y and w) is the plural form of the word twyndyllyng which is twyndyllyngs (which means twins but its's an archaic word and not used at all nowadays) with 12 letters. Eg That pair of twyndyllyngs are a menace.

However, the longest word without a y or w and without a,e,i,o or u is tsktsks (but when we use it as a verb not an interjection) which means To make a tsktsk sound of disapproval. Eg Jone takes Mike to his Seattle home where housekeeper Philip tsktsks as Mike demands for some booze.

Of course, one is not including short forms or abbreviations such as km or ms and interjections (words used to represent emotions such as Arrgh! because you can extend them indefinitely).

Kate Burnside

The longest common word in Modern English is rhythms. However, the "y" does provide a vowel sound but none of the five vowels appear in the word.

The longest word which is still considered by some to be Modern English but is quite rarely used, is symphysy. It refers to the fusion of two bodies, The 17th-Century word is nearly obsolete. Again, the "y" provides a vowel sound but none of the five vowels appear in the word.

I'm not including any archaic words from Old English or Middle English. There were many long words that we now consider to be archaic that did not have vowels. They are simply not part of Modern English and I don't think they belong on such a list.

Vaibhav Kalgude

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The longest word is TWYNDYLLYNGS

Twyndyllyngs is the longest word in English that doesn't contain one of the five vowels (AEIOU). It comes from Welsh and is obviously rare, but it does appear in the Oxford English Dictionary.

It turns out that "twyndyllyng" (singular) is a 15th century spelling of the word "twinling," which means, in modern English, "twin."

Matthew Anderson

works at Proton Science

Being abusively over complicating as I am, I’ll give my answer with a lot of detail.

I take it you mean English, but I don’t know if “y” always, never, or sometimes counts as a vowel. And I also don’t know which dictionary you want to use.

In a “standard” English Dictionary, and including the “y”, the longest words excluding plural nouns are rhythm, spryly, sylphy, and syzygy. They each have six letters, although rhythm could be could become a plural noun.

Excluding the letter “y”, the top two words are crwth, and cwtch. They are both words from Welsh origin. However, you could make the argument (and you’d be right), that in this case, “w” is a vowel, since it has the pronunciation of a vowel, and, in Welsh, “w” is a vowel.

I think it’s universally agreeable that the onomotapeias “shh,” and “hmm,” are the only words in English without a vowel.

Nikhil Lunia

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What do you think about the word ‘rhythms’?

The seven letter word ‘rhythms’ is the longest English word that can be formed without using any vowel letter.

There are other words too. I could guess around 28 more.

2 letter words without vowels: By, My.

3 letter words without vowels: Dry, Fly, Cry, Pry, Gym, Shy, Sky, Sly, Spy, Try, Sty, Why, Wry.

4 letter words without vowels: Lynx, Hymn, Cyst, Myth.

5 letter words without vowels: Myrrh, Crypt, Flyby, Gypsy, Lynch, Nymph, Pygmy.

6 letter words without vowels: Rhythm, Crypts.

I am sure there are more.

Stavros Macrakis

Contributor at Maxima / Macsyma Symbolic Algebra System (1971-present)

It depends what you mean by “word” and what you mean by “vowel”.

If by “vowel”, you mean one of the usual vowel letters [aeiou], but not y even when it is pronounced as a vowel, then there’s rhythms.

If you also exclude y, but allow some unusual Welsh words, then there’s crwth and cwtch. But of course the w here represents a vowel sound.

I don’t think there are any English words with no vowel sounds. Unless you count as words things like: zzzzz, the sound of snoring; tsk, “you’ve done something I disapprove of”; brrr, “I’m cold”, etc.

David Thomas

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What is the longest word without a vowel?

The longest word in English without a vowel, in reasonably common usage, is the seven letter word RHYTHMS (yes rhythm can be pluralised).

There is an even longer word: TWYNDYLLYNGS (12 letters) but that is so obscure it hardly qualifies - and it’s much easier to say and write “twins”.

There are several words many derived from Welsh which don’t contain a Y which some people consider to be a “semi vowel”.

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