What is the most useless PhD degree?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
10:03pm, 14th Feb 2018.

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Konstantinos Konstantinides

Parent of kids in college

The most useless degree (any degree) is the one you are “forced” to pursue to satisfy someone else (say, your parents) or even yourself (but as a check-off item), while, in reality, you want to do something else.

If you mean “useless” in terms of making money, each person values their education quite differently and for many the trip is far more important than the destination.

Jade Liu

M.A. French, M.S. Food Science

I dropped out of a PhD program in food science three years into the program. I’ve now applied to PhD programs in French literature and am awaiting funding decisions.

Practically speaking, food science has better career prospects, so to the outsider, it would seem that it would be the more useful degree. But I could never imagine myself with a career in the lab sciences. Eventually, I realized that I would rather do almost anything than work in the lab sciences. Even if I got my PhD, I wouldn’t try to find a related job because it simply isn’t worth it. This was a useless degree in that I spent years being miserable without getting something that helps me career-wise.

I vowed to not make the same mistake my second time around. In my opinion, a PhD is never useless if we can value the process of obtaining it in its own right. I’m now venturing into a field where my chances of getting a faculty position post-graduation is next to none. But five years of doing everything I wanted to do in a career is not a bad deal, whatever happens afterwards. And if academia doesn’t work out, I could always teach in one way or another or go into academic advising or something like that. As long as the journey is worth it, the degree will be worth it.

William Gorman

former Retired CEO E-C Apparatus Corp an Instrument Maker (1969-1991)

The degree in a field with no funding that probably means no jobs available. The one saving grace is that those fields of no or limited funding also do not have Ph.D. programs available. If your undergraduate studies did not give you the insight into your career interests then you should work for a year or two before entering a program that will be your life’s work. This also my give you insight and potential funding for you Ph.D. thesis work.

Pureum Kim

Very interested about education and teaching

Most PhD contribute to society someway. However, there are some disciplines that are a bit quite far off reality. They are disciplines where stories matter more than robust analysis. They often have few big guys who have the final say on everything.  Many theories that they suggest cannot be ever tested.

I will not name fields but there tends to be few in the humanities. If someone from the outside can just come and challenge your field then  you know that your PhD is not so useful.

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