How long after eating a papaya does it take for an abortion to occur?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:37pm, 13th Feb 2018.

Beth Goldowitz

I read more than anyone I know, probably to excess.

Another question about papayas and abortions or pregnancy prevention. There is absolutely no truth to the notion that eating papaya will prevent pregnancy or cause an abortion. There is an article (cited in William E Donges III’s answer) that says extremely high doses of an extract taken from the papaya seeds can cause a lack of implantation or malformation of a fetus in rats. This only happened in 30% of the rats. It is notoriously difficult to calculate the dosage of herbal remedies, and the treatment was as likely to result in a malformed fetus as it was in an abortion. There are medical methods to prevent pregnancy and perform abortions which are safer, more reliable and based on real research instead of folk remedies. My suggestion to anyone who thinks papaya is a solution to their problem is to seek medical help from a licensed professional.

Prem Chandran John

former Consultant, International Health Planning

The idea that papaya causes easy abortion is largely false. In my experience, if the pregnancy is a good one, only drugs and meddling with the uterus can get rid of it. Green papaya taken at the early stages sometimes works but is not guaranteed. If I call it old wives tale it would be sexist. It is an old tale without evidence. Best is to avoid pregnancy. As the old saying goes, be good. If you cannot be good, be careful

Larry Benjamin

Constitutional Progressive

I assume you live in an area where medical abortion is unavailable. If that is the case, I am very sorry that you have to endure what amounts to an inhuman level of oppression.

Eating papaya does not cause abortion. However, there are several herbs which can induce miscarriage. Keep in mind that many of these are dangerous and should only be taken with the guidance of a knowledgeable person.

Some of these herbs may be difficult to obtain, although Vitamin C is usually available if you have access to a drugstore.

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