Teacher Flogs 4-Year Old Girl Mercilessly Because She Did Her Class Work Wrongly

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 1:57am, 30th May 2016. | Views: 257 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:57am, 30th May 2016.
Omg! Someone just alerted the public
about this on instagram.
He said the girl is the daughter of his
neighbour and her mom has been crying
ever since this happened. According to
him, her teacher, pictured right, flogged
the 4-year old girl mercilessly because she
did her class work wrongly.
What is however more heart-breaking is
that the owner of the school is backing up
the teacher. This girl will be in pre-nursery
considering her age. Who beats pre-
nursery pupils? Why are they in school in
the first place if it is not for them to learn?
So why flog her so bad to the extent of
leaving her with a red eye? If this is true,
the right authorities must close down
The school shouldn’t exist. No student
should be there. This is just so heart-
breaking. How the poster reported it after
the cut and two more photos of the pupil.
Please I need this to go viral and it’s so
disturbing , I saw this kid and tears rolled
down my cheeks . The lady at the top right
corner is that kids teacher , she flogged her
mercilessly just because the 4 year old girl
did the class work wrongly , the teachers
name is Mrs eno , the proprietress name
Mrs lagunoke and the school is Lydia
spring private school.
Popo street tejuosho yaba Lagos . The little
girl was flogged to the eyes she now has a
red eyed due to the Cain which entered her
left eye. She’s had swollen and reddish skin
due to the flogging . This is mean , no one
should do this to little kids while trying to
teach them at their respective schools .
Upon all this , Mrs Eno the perpetrator and
the proprietress named Mrs lagunoke are
not feeling any remorse for the action .
Please if there’s anything you people can
do for them to pay for their actions I’d be
so glad .
The little girl’s mom is a good friend and
neighbor, so it hurts to see this woman
cry everyday as the little girl cries in pains .
Thanks for your help !
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