Reasons why Harmattan is Good And harmless

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
2:12am, 16th Dec 2016.
It is December, and despite initial doubts that
the rains would ever subside, the wet season
has finally given way to the dry season also
known as harmattan.

It is easy for anyone in Nigeria to dislike the
harmattan which usually comes with harsh
weather conditions, a lot of dust and of
course, blistered lips, but residents of Lagos
actually seem to prefer the dry season.
Naijaloaded shares 5 reasons Lagos residents
love harmattan. Read below:

Roadside waterholes disappear
Those who live in Lagos know the daily
struggle commuters face with the numerous
waterholes that emerge on the streets and
roads when it is the rainy season. Most parts
of Lagos are not properly irrigated and so get
easily waterlogged…but with the harmattan,
all these water holes dry up and the roads are
easier to navigate.

Reduced cases of Malaria
With the rainy season comes water holes and
stagnant water in gutters and potholes.
Mosquitoes thrive during these times as they
breed in the stagnant water and as such,
there is a rise in the spread of malaria.
Lagosians at this period find they have to
spend so much on hospital bills and
recuperation. However, during the dry season,
there are no mosquitoes and the people are

Increase nightlife for residents
With the harmattan come hot afternoons and
cold nights and as such, most Lagosians
spend time indoors in the afternoon, then
come out in the night to play. Most clubs and
bars even extend their hours to accommodate
the rush of people and generally, people have
more fun.

African cherry
The African cherry, also known as Agbalumo,
is a star sign that the harmattan season has
arrived. Lagosians are huge fans of the tiny
yellowish-brown fruit which has certain
medical benefits including reduction of
inflammation associated with laryngitis and
pneumonia, as well as treatment for
hypertension, tooth abscesses, heart problems,
intestinal issues, and cancer. The fruits are
sold all around the city, from the roadside to
market and even malls like Shoprite.
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