Are there gears in aeroplanes?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
1:24pm, 25th Feb 2018.

Tyler Su

Aviation Geek

By gear, I am assuming you are talking about the “landing gear” of an airplane.

Each plane has some number of landing gear. The bigger and heavier the plane, the more wheels there will be.

Ravi Kumar

B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (2017)

Yes gears are used in aircrafts… they also use gearboxes. But they are not like our cars … we dont have shifting lever etc…..rather they are just constant speed satio transmission members…….

Nitish Rathore

Co-Founder at Achilles Racing Club (2017-present)

I am not sure about the gears in aeroplanes but according to me aeroplanes might not have the gears because aeroplanes have jet engines.

They propell air backward to move the plane forward so, as like cars, they dont neee a gear train.

They have a landing gear which opens when the plane is about to land and closes when the plane has taken off, but this landing gear is different.

Vasudev Vasu

former Retired....

Of course….gears are there in an aeroplanes….but in an engine…to drive various accesaries of engine like hydraulic pump, starter generator, fuel pump, oil pump etc… not connected to wheels to move the aeroplane

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