Which is the largest snake ever found alive?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:54am, 12th Feb 2018.

Well, you can watch this video :

Largest Anaconda Snake Ever Found - A gigantic 33 foot long anaconda was found by terrified builders on a construction site in Brazil. The massive reptile, which weighs in at at almost 900 pounds, was discovered by the workers after they carried out a controlled explosion in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para. Video taken by one of the crew pans down the snake’s enormous body – which measures one meter in diameter.

After making the horrifying discovery, the workers chained the animal to a crane and later lifted it up to reveal its yellow spotted under belly – a move which was criticized in the comments when the clip was uploaded to YouTube. It’s claimed the builders killed the snake rather than leave it in its natural habitat but this has not been confirmed.

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