How to Avoid Snakes

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Wait, keeping still. Provided you are at a safe distance from the snake, stop and let the snake move on. [6] If the snake has realized you are there, it will often leave of its own accord while you aren't making any movement, to avoid you. [3] However, if the snake proves stubborn in its wish to stay where it is, leave it alone and walk around it at a safe distance. [6]If you cannot go around the snake due to the path being the only way forward, try stomping the ground on the spot, to produce more vibrations. [6] However, only do this if you are a very safe (long) distance away from the snake, as stomping movement and vibrations can be perceived by the snake as a threat and it may strike instead of move. [8]

A snake has a short attention span, usually lasting less than a minute.[12] Hence, once it has slithered away from you, it has forgotten about you and goes about its business elsewhere. It's not harbouring thoughts of coming back to chase you.

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