Why are snakes scared of cats?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
11:27pm, 11th Feb 2018.

I am talking about a domestic setting which may differ from the wild, but I owned both a Burmese python and several cats and they never had a problem with each other. There was, of course, curiosity, but no fear or offensive/defensive action on either part. My cats liked to lay on top of the snake’s 100 gallon aquarium (she was about 13 ft long at the time) to enjoy the heat given off by the halogen lamp at one end of the tank. She would stretch herself up to the screening covering the top and sniff at the cats, and the cats liked to watch her and would sniff back.

I never left them alone when Crimson (the python) was out of her tank (didn’t wanna tempt fate) but I was more concerned about her possibly attacking the cats, not the other way around. But nothing of the sort ever happened. They made fine housemates. (Glance down for the two pictures—sorry they’re not full-screen)

Annette Blankenship

Catered to cats for 38 years.

Cats are far more likely to eat a snake (many times they start munching away about 1 inch behind the head) without killing it first. I think I would try to avoid any animal that started chewing away on me before killing me first.

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