How did Hitler kill 6 million Jews? Why did he do it?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:59pm, 8th Feb 2018.

I don't think Hitler hated Jewish. I believe that he dislike Jews and that detest was a by- product of multiple things. Trying to understand the causes of the Holocaust is difficult, primarily since there can be no single cause or trigger that can be pinpointed. Instead, many different factors could be considered. Lets try to evaluate all possible causes:

Some very faint/Vague/not so convincing reasons could be:

One can trace the roots of the Holocaust back to early Christianity. Many people to this day blame Jews for the murder of Jesus Christ, and it's easy to assume that this had something to do with the Holocaust.

Hitler was born in Austria and spent his childhood growing up in Vienna. At that time, the mayor of the city was anti-Semitic and ensured that his hatred of Jewish people would be widespread. However, this may not be the primary or sole reason behind Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews.

Many individuals think that this handling of Jews stemmed from a childhood friend that was Jewish. However, it does seems to be a not very strong reason for Hitler’s action

Slightly strong reason:

Anti-Semitism has been around for centuries prior to Hitler’s existence. Hitler felt that humanity was divided into a number of different races but that theirs (Aryan race) was not only the best, it was the strongest. He saw the Jews as an inferior race – so inferior that he did not see them as even being human and felt that the only solution was to eliminate them entirely: this theory was cited in Mein Kempf multiple times.

Hitler expresses his support for race theories and more “Lebensraum” (living space) for the German people. The German race had to strive for mastery in Europe or face annihilation. Therefore, people with disabilities, or with divergent sexual orientation or of a different race had to be removed from the population. According to this racial doctrine, Jews were an inferior race that was poisoning Germany and so did not belong in the community.

What I think was the actual reason: German Defeat in WW1

Hitlers was citizen of Austria-Hungarian empire and Germany was his adopted country. The defeat of Germany in the First World War also had a great impact on Hitler’s world view and political beliefs. Hitler was a soldier and – like many other German soldiers – found it hard to accept the defeat of the German Empire. Many nationalists and conservatives believed that Germany had not lost the war on the battlefield but due to betrayal from within, by a ‘stab in the back’. Socialists, communists and particularly Jews were blamed.

In “Mein Kampf,” ,Hitler himself explains that he had no special feelings about Jews before he moved to Vienna, in 1908. He saw the bad side of Jews only after Germany’s loss in World War I.

In Hitler’s words , all the groups that were planning against Germany – Bolsheviks, socialists, social democrats – became identified with Jews, because Jews were prominently represented among each of them. His political theories blended with increasingly technical racial theories that imagined the Jews as the root cause of all the problems in his Fatherland, Germany . Hitler was supported at every level of German society by people who were ready to see their country return to the greatness and believed that it was the Jews who were responsible for that fall from grace.

So, I strongly believe that Nazis were ideologically patriotic and were convinced like many other Germans that Jews were responsible for all the misery that is inflicted on Germany post WW1. Hitler took upon him to save Germany from this cause and eradicate , what he think was an inferior race once for all. Also, Jews were disposable/Expendables for Hitler both as human being as well as an ideology , which does not fit in the scheme of things for the Third Reich. So, why not eliminate the enemy which even the general public dislike. This will ensure that his support base within Germans will remain intact and infact grow stronger with killing of Jews , each passing day.

The Final solution

Following the Fall of France, the Madagascar Plan was devised by Adolf Eichmann in order to relocate Europe's Jewish population to the French colony; but the plan was abandoned for logistical reasons . There were also plans to deport Jews to Palestine and Siberia.

The planning for concentration camps started in mid-1930s with the rise of the Nazi Party. On 20 January 1942, leaders of the SS, the Gestapo, and other Nazi military organizations gathered in a secret meeting at a chateau in a Berlin suburb. This meeting, which was chaired by Reinhardt Heydrich, was the beginning of what was called the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” . This later on came to be known as Wannsee Conference.

In the first phase of the mass murder of Jews, the mobile killing units began to pursue their victims across occupied eastern territories; in the second phase, stretching across all of German-occupied Europe, the Jewish victims were sent on death trains to centralized extermination camps built for the purpose of systematic implementation of the Final Solution.

In order to realize their plan for wiping out an entire race, the Nazi Party had to induce major businesses, including German and international businesses, to construct the camps in secret. Much of this construction was overseen by the Nazi architect Albert Speer, who wanted to plan the camps so that they would be similar to factories.

These “factories of death” were responsible for the killing of millions of Jews and others in the period of just over a year before Hitler’s death in April, 1945.

Suresh Upadhyay

Amateur Historian

Thanks for the A&A.

Let’s get some facts straight. There are small nuances but I wish to be clear about them.

Hitler did NOT Personally got his hands dirty killing anyone. (Well except Geli Raubal)

He “Ordered” for them to be “Disposed off”. Those orders were not written down and although all his immediate circle had memos sent out about it and had the Wannsee Conference, to determine the most efficient way. Hitler was not present at the conference.

According to Mein Kampf, the sole book Hitler wrote, 
 "the nationalization of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggle for the soul of our people, their international poisoners are exterminated", and "If at the beginning of the war and during the war twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the nation had been subjected to poison gas, such as had to be endured in the field by hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers of all classes and professions, then the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain." Here, the international poisoners he refers to are of Hebrew origin aka Jewish people. That’s his rationale to kill off the race.

Now Let’s talk about How.

First they tried shooting, in the Ghettos established for those of Jewish origin.

They found that to be inefficient. So used Truck Exhaust.

People go in, bodies come out. Then they discovered, its still not fast enough or accurate and was wasteful. So used common pesticide Prussic Acid, commercial name Zyklon B. Even Created fake showers for it.

That, was found pretty fast and accurate too. But created a problem.

Bulldozing them into ground just gave stench. So had a bright idea.

Industrial Ovens.

Julio Cesar Pino

Ph.D from University of California, Los Angeles

Hitler regarded the holocaust as racial self-defense. Adolf saw all of nature in the form of a spectrum, ranging from “life-affirming” creatures to ”life-corrupters.” The value of each creature depended on what strength it possessed and the contributions made to preserving nature. Hitler believed the Jews lower than animals, since they debased every nation they inhabited and were responsible for the degeneracy of modern civilization. He often referred to them as “leeches” and “parasites.” Reaching for metaphors in medicine he also called them “bacilli” of the earth and a “syphilis” inflicted on humanity. Many dictators prefer animals to people.

Mussolini once said, “Hitler’s views on race belong to zoology, not biology.” Hitler completely agreed. He taught his disciples, first the Nazis then the whole German nation, that “those peoples who follow the laws of nature triumph while those who ignore them are bound to perish, and rightly so. Nature does not forgive weakness. There is selection in nature but also some self-selection. The apes always crush to death those who invade their territory or are too weak to fight.” This applied to races as well. Those races that had proven themselves inferior through inactivity, namely the Slavs, should be subjugated while the one who lived “parasitically” of the host body of their adopted nations, i.e. the Jews and Roma of Europe, must perish, lest the host die. Hitler loved those animals and races that had been carefully bred to conquer or provide beauty for the conqueror.

Sathish S

Intellectual, sports analyst and global film watcher

14w ago

Historical background - Anti semitism ,Eugenics

For the historical background, one needs to consider the development of anti semitism and eugenics in Europe and Germany in particular. Please refer my previous answer.

So 2000 years of anti semitism established plenty of anti semites in Europe and politcians regularly indulged in jew baiting. Even famous figures like Shakespeare and Wagner were not above this.

Around the time of ww1 and after,there was a proliferation of volkisch far right groups in Germany. These groups had virulent anti semitism and didnt regard jews as germans.

But out of all these groups, only a demagogue named Hitler made it big.

Eugenics gained popularity in the 19th century in America and Europe among bigots and racists. German sucesses in several areas ,imperialism and these eugenic ideas made a deadly combo on the far right.

The far right groups considered themselves the superior “master race” and talked about the need to subordinate /eliminate inferior races from society.

Jews were considered a “race” who would keep wandering around without a home.

Hitler would borrow this worldview along with other nazi racists.

Hitler becomes an extreme anti semite.

Hitler was under the influence of the Schoenrer movement in Linz, Austria . His school in Linz was known as a hot bed of Schoenrer type nationalism - Pro german(not austrian), anti semitic ,pro homogeniety.

His idols like vienna mayor karl Lueger and Wagner were anti semites. He claims he became a pronounced anti semite in his wandering days in Vienna.But historians dont accept it at face value. His acquaintances of the time only recall an occasional anti semite comment. Nothing obsessive.

Around 1916 in ww1, jews were targeted by conservatives and bigots in Germany with dubious charges - “They are clerks behind the front lines ,shirking military conscription” and “they are profiteering while germans die on the front lines”.

Hitler himself comes up with a description-”All the clerks were jews” while on leave from the front.When the war ended, the conservative faction in germany came with a “stab in the back” legend.

The myth went like “the German army was not defeated on the battlefield. but by treason of the november criminals like socialists bankrolled by jews”.

Some of the prominent leaders of communists in russia and in germany like Trotsky,Rosa luxembourg were jews. This led to the birth of a “jewish bolshevik enemy”.

There was also an attempt at communist takeover in Munich which was put down .Hitler was based in Munich before and after the war,.

He was hired by the german military to reeducate soldiers in view of the events in Munich. For the first time he started talking about a “jewish problem” in public.

As public speaker in the fledling NSDAP party, his rise was meteoric. His regular attacks on jews drew huge applause in the beer halls of Munich. It was partly because he echoed the resentments and bigotry of the conservatives with full conviction.

Views in mein Kampf

In mein Kampf, he expressed the following views

1. Nature works such that strong overpowers the weak. Weak people who cannot fight are not meant to survive

2. Aryans were the superior creative race. A superior race will not survive intermingling with weaker races.

Comments on jews in MeinKampf.


“The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew”

“Since the Jew-for reasons which will at once become apparent-was never in possession of a culture of his own, the foundations of his intellectual work were always provided by others. .”



“ Hence his intellect will never have a constructive effect, but will be destructive, and in very rare cases perhaps will at most be stimulating, but then as the prototype of the ' force which always wants evil and nevertheless creates good.' Not through him does any progress of mankind occur, but in spite of him..



“The Jew's life as a parasite in the body of other nations and states explains a characteristic which once caused Schopenhauer, as has already been mentioned, to call him the 'great master in lying”



“The Jew has always been a people with definite racial characteristics and never a religion; “



“For a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood can never be enslaved by the Jew. In this world he will forever be master over bastards and bastards alone.

And so he tries systematically to lower the racial level by a continuous poisoning of individuals.


So in Hitler’s mind, jews were the power behind communism, international conspiracies,polluters of aryan blood, a wandering people who will bring down their resident nations for their goal of world domination.

To preserve the “superior creative race”, pure aryan blood is a must and the inferior races had to dealt with by elimination from german society. The nuremberg racial laws were enacted to enforce this worldview of Hitler and his cronies like Rosenburg.

Basically Hitler and his band of nazis were extreme anti semites with extreme positions.

A far right or far left group in power is a dangerous idea, as these people have some extreme positions and beliefs.

Cameron Elliott

To answer that, allow me to introduce you to a young Austrian corporal. Before the war, he is refused admission to art school in Vienna. When war is declared in 1914, he is in Germany and is enthralled by the enthusiasm of those around him. He asks to be allowed to join the ranks of the German Army despite his Austrian heritage. He is admitted into the German Army, winning two Iron Crosses on the battlefield. However, late in the First World War, this man is nearly blinded in a gas attack. When he finally gets out of hospital months later, he learns that despite his efforts and those of his comrades in arms, Germany has lost the war. He is told that a treaty had been signed with the Allied Powers, that Germany has lost large swathes of territory and must pay enormous sums of money as punishment for losing the war.

“What?” thinks this hardened military man, “We were doing so well on the battlefield and fighting on despite all the odds being stacked against us! Something fishy must have happened!” So this man tries to find out why Germany lost a war that was going oh so well. In the process of trying to figure this out, he meets people saying exactly what he wants to hear. “We didn't lose the war! Nor did our soldiers lose it! We were backstabbed by people back home!” So he gets curious and thinks to himself “Who betrayed us? Surely the Germans wouldn't betray themselves like that! It's someone else's fault.”

So he tries to find some suspects behind this ‘inexplicable’ defeat. The Communists were against the war, he knew, since they had launched a Civil War in Germany at this time. “Ah!” Thinks this man, “So the Communists are to blame, maybe. But who controls the Communists?” In pursuing this route he meets those who go further. “The Communists are controlled by the Jews! Like the Communists, the Jews don't believe in nations or have a homeland! The Jews caused this war to enslave us and exploit us using International Capitalism and International Communism to subvert Germany and to enslave Europe!”

At first, he's skeptical about these claims. But then in a story as old as time itself, confirmation bias kicks in and he keeps seeing more and more Communists who also have partial or full Jewish ancestry, both in Russia and Germany. Trotsky for example, commander of the Red Army, was born as Bronstein. Within his adopted homeland, those involved in the German Civil War as leaders on the Red side include Rosa Luxembourg, a Polish Jew. Indeed, even the father of Communism, Karl Marx, was of Jewish descent.

“My God!” he says to himself, “They're right! The Jews are trying to destroy Germany with Communism! These Communists are Jews serving Jewish interests! Somebody needs to destroy the Jews before they can destroy Germany! I’ve got to do something about them!” So he joins a tiny political party that has less than twenty members and works toward exacting revenge.

And the rest, as they say, is History.

What he didn't know is that the news reaching Germany near the end of the war failed to demonstrate the hopelessness of the situation on the ground. Nor did he know that Jews were actually overrepresented in the German Army on a per capita basis in the First World War. Nor was he aware that with the naval blockade and the entry of the economic and manufacturing juggernaut of the United States into the war, that the writing was very much on the wall for Germany by then.


Corrected some tense errors.

Syed Tawakkal


Before answering your question ,

Let's go back to the time period of world war 1 .

Year 1918,

German empire , one of the strongest nation in the world was defeated , she was made to sign humiliating treaties, she was stripped of her armies and lands .

The German revolution took place and the new formed government was incompetent this bought a lot of problems like unemployment, poverty.

Now amidst all of these problems there was a soldier who lost his job due to the treaty.

He soon became unemployed and is devasted at the situation of his country.

‘He thinks that the jews collaborated with the allies and they were the reason behind Germany's defeat and all the problems that they were facing because of this.’

So time passed and the soldier became determined that he would change the fate of his country,

And after a long and difficult struggle the man who was once unemployed was now the Chancellor of Germany.

By now you would have known who was that man .

Ya you guessed it right he was Adolf Hitler.

This man was determined to bring back the lost honor and glory of his mother nation.

For doing that he thinks he has to defeat the countries which defeated the German empire and conquer all of Europe .

‘But before entering into another great war he has to make sure that all of his country is united'.

‘He believed the German's were superior to all other races and now he wanted to kill all others who were not Aryans'.

‘because he wanted to win at all costs he went to great lengths to make it happen'.

‘Since he believed that the Jews collaborated with the allies in world war 1 , he was sure that same would repeat'.

“The next decision that he takes made him one among the most evil persons on this world”

“He orders the execution of 11 million Jews of Europe”

And the world witnessed the horrors of Holocaust!


History lover, always a student, Chemistry lover

Just think If someone attack on your nation ….nd one particular community doesn't think that “it is also their matter” or not understand their “Duty”……….

Same thing happened with Germany in world war 1.

Germany lost the war,Hitler also served as soldier and won iron cross in battle.He wounded in battle thus admitted to the hospital.When hitler discharge war was over.we all know who win the war!!!!!!!!

Then Hitler find 3 major reason why Germany gets defeated,

1.King whilhem Kaiser was “Coward” .He started war and when he realized that “defeat is definite”. He just ran away to Netherland!!!!!!!

He din't even think about his people.


Britain and other allies distribute papers in oppose of Germany and King whilhem….

It also cause major effect on thinking of “people of Germany”.When people think negative about their “Army”……it’s quit difficult to win the war.

“Army” not only encouraged by people but sometimes discouraged by people.



Think where you live, where u work,where u faciliate ……..This is common that your heart create “patriotism” for that place or Nation.


Another one incident happened in Hitler's life.

“One day Hitler went on the road and seen scene,

One begger type small girl (German) beg to the Jewish lady(rich)…..

Lady just flick small girl and went to the hotel(probably most expensive)…

Hitler think this is our land and the power is in “Jewish hand”………

Hitler saw the situation after world war 1…………He didn't want to repeat same mistakes.

Simone Guglielmino

Video games, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Books, CS, Technology

Except than his sympathies, the reason why Hitler came against Jews was that he needed an enemy, and jews were perfect, usually rich (while post ww1 German people are generally poor) and with a closed culture, even today, if you go in some city with a great jews community, you can find some jewish shop, and even some jews quarter.

There were also other reason, but those I've listed were the main.

Disclaimer, I'm not saying Hitler was Right, neither that it's right to kill people with different culture, neither that preserving their own culture was wrong, i ve only explained why jews were chosed, as happened with other ethnicity like Armenian in turkey and Chinese in WW2

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