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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
7:15am, 15th Apr 2016.
Verified Eng OBJ
(1-10) cadcbcccad
(11-20) dbdbdddaba
(21-30) bbdacabbbc
(31-40) baabbbbdab
(41-50) dbaaababcc
(51-60) abcbbbbccb
(61-70) dbdccadabb
(71-80) cdabbdacdd
Verified English Oral
(1-10) bcbaacbbcd
(11-20) abcccbaccb
(21-30) cabdbddacd
(31-40) cdcadbadac
(41-50) cccbaabaad
(51-60) bcacaacbcc
No. 1
14TH APRIL, 2016.
Your Latter was delivered to me yesterday
when I returned from school. I was very
happy when I saw it because I know I would
have hear from you since I left the Village to
Lagos. How are you now? I hope you are
doing fine with your studies.
In your letter, you requested from me to
furnish you with information about my
school to enable you decide on moving over
to my school. Somehow,here are what we
are enjoying in my school here in Lagos.
Firstly, the environment of my school is
conducive for learning for it is so quiet and
adorned by flowers all over the well catered
lawns making the beautiful painted proto-
type building stand out.
Besides, there is a well equipped laboratory
where the different Science i.e PHYSICS,
taken with each student having his or her
own cubicle.
Another notable facility in my school that
distinguishes it from yours has to do with
the ever - cool computer room where we are
taught computer studies. In fact, I can now
use computer and chat or surf, due to my
email address. My E-mail address is
Whatever you might be thinking, I am
assuring you that if finally you decide to
come to my school, I shall be helping you to
meet up with the use of computer.
Greet your friends over there for me. How
is your sister Comfort? I hope she is doing
well in her studies. Till I hear from you, I
say bye - bye for now
Yours friend
Put Your Name
Pride goes Before a Fall.
People are never fond of anyone who is
proud, over confident or over bearing. It is
better to be humble than to have a
superiority complex Invariably pride not
only brings your downfall but also makes
you look foolish. But people who are proud
realize this only when they face a grave
situation in life and the experience teaches
them a valuable lesson.
Once there was a beautiful antelope that
lived in a forest. He was very proud of his
antlers and knew that it helped him look
majestic. The antelope would feel very
proud whenever other animals stopped by
to have a look at him. He always thought
that he was a special creation and all the
other creatures were no match for him in
But he was always discontented about his
legs. He thought his legs were too thin and
wished he had better-looking legs. His
attitude was so haughty that the other
animals did not befriend him at all. No one
really liked or respected him although they
did agree that he was a very good-looking
One day as he was quenching his thirst in a
lake the antelope suddenly heard the sound
of hunters nearby. He had been too busy
admiring his reflection in the water that he
had not heard the sound of the hunters
earlier. Fear gripped him and he ran as fast
as he could. The hunters were closing in on
him but his legs were so powerful that he
was much faster than them.
As he ran through the trees his antlers got
caught in the branches of a tree and the
antelope could not run further. He struggled
to free his antlers and could hear the
hunters getting closer. It was then that he
realized that what he had all along thought
of being his best feature was actually
getting him into trouble. Whereas his legs
which he had always looked down upon was
actually saving his life.
Luckily with a little struggle the antelope
was able to free its antlers from the
branches and run to safety. The antelope
realized at that moment that its pride had
almost cost its life. All along, it had been
very proud of its antlers and was blind to
the dangers that it might bring about. Now
it realized the value of being humble and
was happy to be alive. Thereafter the
antelope always thought very high of its
Comprehension Answers.
a)The writer's father warned them not to go
out at night because
recent happenings has shown that it is
b)"We soon reached the teacher's house a
stone throw from ours"
shows that the teachers house was not far
from the writer's house.
c)The teacher was able to discover the boys
due to the powerful
headlights of his car.
d)The write got injured in his haste to get
down from the mango tree'
e)The writers father refused to open the
gate because he thought his
son was peaceful sleeping in his room.
No7) Summary Answer!
- increase in health centres
- increase in human security
- increase in research to enhance the
production of more food.
- increase in Literacy rate.
- The planet(earth) may become too small to
contain large population.
- increase in environmental pollution.
i. The role of education about human
welfare and health
ii. The role of education about human
welfare and health
iii. The availability of food through the help
of agricultural practice
iv. The availability of security enjoyed by
the humanity
i. The earth will be too congested to house
ii. The environmental pollution caused by
large number of people.
(2) The morals and values of todays society
have really changed.
For an example;
The younger generation have little respect
for elders, their parents or authority figures
leads to a higher
crime rate among our children.
This is the reason there is no respect for
others belongings, and
people take what they want instead of
for it.
The reason the morals and values are like
they are in todays society, is because the
parents do not take the
time to teach their children, to show respect
to their elders or to show respect
for others.
They are not taught the value of family, so
instead the children
are spoiled with material belongings which
puts the parents in a position of having to
by them what they want regardless of the
cost this instills lack of morals and greed in
The rate of teen pregnancy is a lot higher
and the number of women being pregnant
without being married is higher than it was
in years past. The lack of morals has led to
the violence and
the drug use by society today. I believe that
this stems from the type of
programing that our
youth are watching on television today and
they are using the characters on television ,
and musicians as role models rather than
their parents.
Another reason for the lack of morals and
values is both parents have to work, due to
the shape of our economy which leaves the
children without proper guidance and
them to learn from bad examples.
There are a lot of young parents that are
into partying and so they do not supervise
their children and they run lose getting into
trouble. We need to instill better morals in
our children and teach our youth the family
values to do this we need to start spending
quality time with our children, and monitor
what our children are watching on
television. We should spend more family
time with our children either playing
games,planting a garden, or helping with
their school work. We could teach children
better morals and values by being a good
role model for.
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