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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
6:28pm, 18th Jun 2016.
No1) Honesty is the best Policy"
In ancient Persia, there was a king by the name
of Bagadata. The king was getting old, and the
lack of an heir, worried him a lot. He consulted
with the queen and his ministers, and decided to
appoint an honest child as the prince. For this
purpose, he decided to test who is the most
honest of them all. He proclaimed, ‘I will
distribute seeds to all the children in the
kingdom. The child, who grows the biggest plant
within three months, will become prince or
princess.’ Cyrus, a poor farmer’s son, was among
those children who took the seed from the king.
He planted it in a pot with great care and watered
it regularly. In spite of this, the plant did not
appear. He tried changing the soil, tried putting
the plant in a different pot, but nothing worked.
At last the day came when all the children had to
go to king to show him the plant they had grown.
They started walking to the palace, dressed in
their best, holding beautiful plants in their hands.
Only Cyrus stood sadly, watching them go by.
His father had watched him working hard with
the seed and felt sorry for him. ‘Why don’t you
go to the king with the empty pot?’he suggested.
‘At least he will know you tried your best.’ So
Cyrus joined the others outside the palace,
holding his empty pot in his hand. Tears rolled
down his cheeks hearing the laughter around
him. Soon the king arrived and began his
inspection. The pots held flowers of different
shades, looked beautiful and healthy, but the
king did not look happy. At the end of the line
stood Cyrus, and when the king reached him, he
stopped in surprise. ‘Child, why have you come
with an empty pot? Could you not grow
anything?’ Cyrus looked down and said, ‘Forgive
me, Your Highness. I tried my best, I gave it the
best soil, watered it regularly, but the plant
would not grow. I assure you, I tried my best.’
The king smiled at him and enveloped his arms
around him. He announced, ‘Here is the crown
prince! I had given everyone roasted seeds, which
would never grow, just to see which child was the
most honest one and would admit that he or she
had not been able to grow anything. Only this
boy told the truth, I am sure he will rule this
kingdom one day with truth and honesty.’ Indeed
that was what happened. Cyrus stayed with the
king and learnt how to rule. Few years later when
the king died, Cyrus came to the throne and ruled
Persia justly for many years. He got the reward
for being honest.
Because they had opposed africa as a site
they claimed that the writter wants the fight to
be moved to new york
Because the writter don't want the work of
honest boxing promoters ruined for new york
the open massage is that the president should
not let george and dick out of the city
i)Adverbial clause
ii)Modifying the verb heard
they felt unhappy
they had a joyfull mood
i)circulated--- spread
ii)ruined--- destroyed
iii)routine--- regular
iv)jammed--- stuck
v)appeal--- plead
vi)atmostphere--- feeling
Because,many deadly diseases which are highly
contagious are as a result of unhyginic habits
in oder to help people develop good health habits
and maintain a healthy environment
vaccines are administered because many disease
which can easily become fetal can be prevented
through vaccination
Because vaccines helps the person's body to
quickly provide immunity against the germ by
producing appropriate germ fighting anti bodies
which will later prevent any further of future
infection of the person
they poison the body system causing great
pain,malfunctioning and eventually debility and
they have caused diseases and epidemic which
has wiped out towns and villages
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