What is difference between a jet and a plane?

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
12:10am, 10th Mar 2018.

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An airplane or aeroplane is a power driven vehicle which derives its aerodynamic lift from thrust provided by a piston , jet engine etc.

A jet is a typical fixed wing power driven vehicle which uses jet engines for the power .

All jets are airplanes .

For example B777,A380 are termed as jets but a trainee aircrafts Cessna  172 , Diamond 40 , 42 , Piper c 68 are termed as airplanes . Hope i am clear , feel free to correct me . Happy landings .

Sai Krishna

studied at Madras Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India

A jet is basically a type of airplane. What do you call the engines that are situated below the wing ? . Jet engines right ! . A jet is a type of airplane that pushes air behind and generates thrust . A glider is not a jet aircraft . The airplanes used for commercial purposes are jets . The jet aircraft usually cruises at mach 0.8 .A jet aircraft can be classified depending on the type of engines they use : 


There are many other types of hey engines , but the above two types are widely used in commercial aviation . 
Cheers , 
Krish sai

Patrick Bindner

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"Jet" refers to the propulsion method -- ie -- jet engines -- as opposed to aircraft powered by reciprocating engines, or propeller-turbine engines, delivering their power through propellers.  There is also another type of "jet" airplane powered by a ducted fan - but that just confuses things at this point.

Jet engines can be broadly described by 2 distinctly different types -- turbo-jets & turbo-fans -- but both types are jets engines.  To further complicate your life (or perhaps enlighten it), turbo-jets also come in 2 distinctly different types -- axial flow & centrifugal flow jet engines.  Just to confuse you a bit more, any airplane powered by a jet engine is also called a "jet" -- as in jet airplane.

That's enough for now.  If you wish to delve into the inner workings of axial flow &/or centrifugal flow jet engines -- ask the appropriate question.  The same mysteries also  apply to axial-flow & centrifugal flow propeller-turbine engines -- but that is another story for another day -- & let's not forget the multiplicity of reciprocating propeller & ducted fan engines.

If you are really twisted, we can discuss the similarities between high-bypass-flow turbo-fans & ducted-fans (powered by any type of turbine, reciprocating engine, or electric motor) & whether or not a ducted fan powered airplane is a "jet".  Its all very simple -- really.

Andrew Knight

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A jet is a type of aircraft powered by jet propulsion. Depending on how you use the word, an airplane could be either a jet, or a stereotypical aircraft powered by a propeller.


Propeller powered airplane:

Chandan Chattopadhyay

"All Jets are plane but all Planes are not Jet". We call a plane 'Jet plane' which is fitted with a Jet engine. Generally fighter planes and few transport planes also. A jet is a high velocity liquid. There may be water jet also. 

A jet engine produces high velocity air jet which produces thrust due to Newton's third law. There are planes with other types of engines like turbo prop, turbo fan, turbo shaft etc. 
 Jet planes..

Pranav Jetley

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A plane is any fixed wing aircraft, powered by an engine, or it maybe even unpowered like a glider.

A jet on the other hand, is a plane with specifically a jet engine. That's how it gets the name "jet". Types of jet engines include turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, ramjets, scramjets among others.

Thus, all jets are planes but all planes are not jets.

David Sun

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The people claiming all jets are airplanes are incorrect.

There exists crafts that use jet propulsion, but are not airplanes. They are called rockets and spacecraft.

Rocket engines are considered jet engines, just not of the air breathing variety.

The better differentiator is that jets are a propulsion type and aircraft are a vehicle type.

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