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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
8:27am, 12th Jan 2018.

You need to learn about what all these means and why we are doing it. So the link below will explain everything to you. Check:
Central Bank Of
Through the link, you'll understand that.
- We try to make sure Noone is Cheated by being the Trusted dealer that people need.
- We try to provide the Best Prices you can find on the Internet.
- We generally try to maintain a Balance on Bitcoin sales and purchases in Nigeria.

For the same reason, we are starting this thread for anyone that wants to sell Bitcoins .

We have a Rate at which we buy while is generally the best you can find on the Internet and it will be updated below.

How we Buy Bitcoins?

We do buy in a most unique way.
We buy from anyone that's a member of this site. By that I mean, any Jackobian is allowed to sell so if you are not a member, simply use the link below to create an account for yourself!

3. And drop your Bank account details and you'll receive your money in minutes
Why are we adopting this Method?
Simple. You can trust us with any amount of BTC you want to sell provided you are going with the rate we have below this message even though we don't know who you are.

Once we receive the Bitcoins which can be confirmed through Blockchain.info website, your money will be sent according.
We have been able to cover transactions successfully in the buyers section using this technique and we hope to do the same here .

We hope to buy at the Best rate possible so you can make Maximum profit while we also don't get cheated.

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