How do you find deleted texts messages on my phone?

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1:31am, 13th Feb 2018.

You can recover from the backup file if you have backed up before. If not, I think you should not add more data to your device anymore. Then, it is better for you to try some professional recovery methods, like diskdigger or Recuva, or you can also try third-party data recovery programs.

You can try this data recovery program to scan your phone and restore lost data from it.

Only a few steps you can get back your lost data from your phone:

Step 1: Run the data Recovery tool and connect your phone to PC

Step 2: Scan your lost data from your phone

Step 3: Preview the found data and start to recover.

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no root !

Can you retrieve deleted text messages on Android? Yeah, this video will show you the full guide for Android text message recovery. Don't hesitate and recover deleted text messages from Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and more versions right now!

Not only can you recover SMS messages from Android backup but also can recover Android SMS messages without backup. This video is showing you how to recover deleted sms messages on Android without root your phone.

Some common situations that lost text messages you can recover from:

1. accidentally deleted texts on your android phone

2. lost text messages after Android 5.0 updated or other Android upgrade.

3. save text messages from water damaged, crashed, broken or smashed Android phone

4. Android deleted text messages randomly by itself

5. Factory restore Android phone.

And more...

Watch this video and share it with your friends too so that they can also get their precious lost data back.

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Thanks for the A2A, Terry. What kind of phone do you use? It’s a smartphone, right? Assuming that you’re using a smartphone, there’s always a method to find deleted messages from it.

If you’re an iPhone user and have created a backup of iTunes for your phone, you will be able to recover text messages from it at ease. You only need 3 simple steps.

Plug your iPhone into computer via the USB cable. iTunes will launch automatically, if not, you should open it manually.

Click “File > Device > Restore from Backup”, and choose the iPhone backup in the pop-up window.

iTunes will start to restore the data in the backup to your iPhone. Sometimes it will ask you to enter your Apple ID to accomplish the restoring process.

If you don’t have text message backups on iTunes or iCloud, here’s another way: recovering text messages from iPhone directly with 3rd party program.

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There are two ways for you to find deleted texts messages: Restore from backup; Restore from iPhone by a data recovery software.

For apple users, you can back up all data to iCloud or iTunes. Therefore, after you delete messages, you still can restore from your backups.

No matter you backed up messages to iTunes or not, you can use H Data iPhone recovery software to retrieve the lost messages. If you have iTunes backup and do not mind to restore the entire backup to iPhone, you can click ‘Restore from backup” in iTunes.

While if you only want to restore some of the deleted text messages, you should use the iPhone data recovery software. This recovery program cannot only scan iTunes backup but also the iPhone. After scan, it will display all data in iTunes or on iPhone, and enable you to selectively restore the data you need.

Run H Data iPhone recovery software on computer and choose a backup to scan on the software interface.

After scan, click Messages on the left side, preview each message on the right side to read the contents.

Tick the messages that you want to restore and then click to export them to computer.

You will see the detailed messages on the recovery path you choose.

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