HOT CAKE!! Download Topup Africa Now And Get Free Unlimited Free Airtime (Grab Yours)

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miracule. Akure, Ondo
2:08am, 28th Dec 2017.

TopUp Africa is an application that gives you 24/7 access to variety of services, such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity Bills Payment, Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc. as well as fund transfer to all bank accounts in Nigeria.

Other Features Of TopUp Africa

This amazing app helps you to start your own business with minimal capital by allowing you to retail services such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity (Prepaid/Postpaid), Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc.

Referral Bonus
Free Chat
Support Chat
Agent-to-Agent Transfer
Profit-to-Profit Transfer
Payment History of all Transactions
Group Payment (on the web)
Instant credit using debit card
Account Manager

To Get The App

Download TopUp Africa App Here.
Install the app and register with a valid mobile number, create new pin then login
Follow the on-screen instructions to use it for any transaction you want to make.
You will get cash bonuses whenever you topup your airtime, pay bills, and so on via the app. You will also get bonuses on referrals.

To Get Your Referral Link
Simply click on SHARE AND EARN. Then share to Facebook, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other place of your choice.

You can use your earnings to subscribe for data plans, pay bills and so on.

TopUp Africa is easy, convenient, fast and rewarding.
What are you waiting for? download TopUp Africa App here to start cashing out rewards. It’s real. Kindly share and tell us how it went. Enjoy!

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