Etisalat 2GB data Free Tweak

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alexical . Jalingo, Taraba
4:08pm, 26th Mar 2016.
We at naijamind.com are not
known for Free browsing
tweaks and Tricks but to
sure tell you that when we
post we post Real and
working tweaks,So if you
follow our steps very well
you sure did get yours.
Tweak the IMEI
”861195004315640″ then Change the last 3
4digits using imei analyser to get a valid
Then text”T635″ to “8186” to get your mb.
You will receive this type of message dear
customer,Your Bonus data accountbalance
is 150 MB
valid till 2016-02-06 00.Get 2GB data for
Dial*229*2*8#.Valid/30days.For more
info,dial *200#
Once you successfully tweak the imei and
send the
code, etisalat will automatically give you
monthly for one year.
Drop your comments and Thoughts and
please kindly"
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