How To Get Best MTN Subscription Awoof

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
4:43pm, 9th Jun 2016.
I want to introduce you to a very
special case of mtn night data plans.
Few weeks back, Mtn unleashed the
500mb for 25 naira data plan!
And since then, it's been a major
topic on the internet as many people
wants to find out about it.
The 500mb for 25 naira plan is the best
mtn data plan there is as far as am
Below, i will show you how to
subscribe to this plan, how to use it and
also a few other things you need to
know about it.
first of all, let's see how to
How Can I Get MTN 500MB for N25
Night Data Plan Code?
>>M igrate to MTN Pulse package if you
are not already there by dialing
>>Recharge your phone or Make sure
you have minimum of 30 naira on
your sim card
>>Then, to subscribe Send NIGHT to
131 via SMS
if the data purchase goes properly,
you’ll get a message
Duration - Time of use
Note: this plan is usable only within
12am – 4am.
FAQ - Questions and answers about the
mtn 500mb night data plan
>>Can I accumulate data with this
Ans: No, you can’t accumulate when
you are on this plan.
>>Can I Re-Subscribe when I exhaust
the first 500MB?
Ans: Sadly, No, you can’t till the next
>> Can i use the Data to stream
Yes you can
>> Can this night plan work on my
phone, tablet, Pc?
Yes,it works accross all platforms.
>> Can I use this plan when am on
Mtn BetaTalk?
No, it is exclusive to mtn iPuls users
>> Can i use it when am already on
another plan?
No, you have to be NO subscription
before you are able to subscribe to
the mtn 500 naira data plan
Hope this guide is able to lead you
through the interesting series of Mtn
Night Plans!
If you have any questions, you are
welcome to ask them below...
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