Latest Airtel Free Browsing Get 2gb For N100 Recharge N500 Recharge 2018

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 8:44am, 12th Jan 2018. | Views: 147 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
8:44am, 12th Jan 2018.

There aren't much loopholes this days as there used to be in the past and also because of how affordable data plans are now compared to how they used to be before, people are just not that eager to find the latest browsing cheat. But no matter how tough it is, something must just always come out.

This latest browsing cheat is mainly for the Airtel users.

Although this tweak has been available for quite sometime now, I just want to be very sure before I publish it. Although this tweak might require you recharging your phone with just N100, its still free because the N100 will not be deducted. Below is the requirements and full procedures for this new tweak.


>> A registered and active MTN similar card (either old or new).

>> A national means of identification with the same information as used on the registered SIM. (E.g Voter's card, National ID card, National Passport etc.)

With all that's in place, just follow the detailed instruction below.

>> Visit any Airtel Shop or Outlet.

>> Tell them you want to port your MTN sim to Airtel.

>> You will be asked to pay a sum of just N200

>> Wait for like 48 hours for the newly ported SIM to be activated.
How the Free Browsing Cheat Works

>> Make sure you only recharge your line from your bank and not from any local vendor.

>> Every Recharge of N100 gives you 2GB.

>> What this means is that a recharge of N500 will give you a total of N500.

That's all guys..

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